Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weathering The Storm

It's funny (in a way) how someone with problems could think it's the end of the world, only to see that the rest of mankind may have bigger problems. I am embarrassed at the thought that once, I assumed no one could have worse problems than the baggage I was carrying with me. Alas, disasters like that of Ondoy open our eyes to the realities of this cruel, cruel world. :(

But I sit back in awe at how resilient Filipinos are. We weather each storm with our chins up. We fall but before you know it, we are up and about, ready to take on the next challenge.

Yes, there are bigger problems than mine. Hurricanes and tsunamis compared to my little storm. Problems like yours and mine should make us stronger. We don't go through it for nothing. I'd like to think I will stand strong the next time a "cyclone" comes my way. If not, then I went through the past ones for nothing.


Another typhoon on the way, and yet, over 70 employees in our company alone have no place for shelter, no comfy bed to sleep in, no home to call home. My brother and I went from one supermarket to another (and another!) all of this week, looking for noodles, canned goods, bread and the like, only to find shelves empty in some. And now with another storm looming, you can't help but feel weary. Disasters are happening left and right from all over, and it makes you ask "what next?"

(photo on right shows the Noodles bay at Shopwise, Libis; taken on 30 Sept 2009 -->)


It's late and I have to get some shut-eye soon. Been sleeping AND waking up late the whole week. Emotional stress is killing me (sidenote: heard over the radio today that lack of sleep promotes Alzheimer's! Yikes!). A and I were supposed to watch UP 3D again tonight, but it was so traffic on the way home! So we had to skip that. For the first time in months, we had family dinner at the table together, so that was nice. Life is taking on a bit of normalcy so yey! Who cares about the ongoing drama? The important thing is my children have genuine smiles on their faces. Nothing in this world will beat that.

X: I know (well, my MIL didn't brand me detective KC for nothing, hehe). :) Nevertheless, thanks for your private comments. I appreciate them. Will leave you a message on your blog soon.

JNP: No. Will blog about it soon. And I go to VCF. :) Happiest place on earth!


  1. i gather you're a christian and i am just wondering how you ended up with your husband? aren't christians supposed to be with people of the same faith (be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, 2 corinthians 6:14)

    i'm sorry to assume that your husband is not a believer since he did a lot wrong choices which is not in the nature of those who have been saved by Jesus Christ.

    nevertheless, i thank you for your display of courage. :-)

  2. Christians aren't exempt from temptation. In fact, the closer you are to God, the more the devil (I call him Smokey) double-times!

    The best of marriages go through storms. Some worse than mine. Even pastors and church leaders go through marriage problems. For we are only human and fall short of God's glory. I cannot judge R based on his sins or based on what you and I see.

  3. yes, being saved by the blood of christ does not exempt you from the temptations, but that is not the point really. what i mean is, how did you manage to marry a non-christian, if he really is not a believer.

    i am sorry, i do not mean to offend, i just cannot grasp what is happening to you. identifying if he is or is not a believer will render everything into their right place, the very reason i asked if he is or is not.

  4. Hi kaye. thank's for the shout-out. You can try SM North Edsa as they have 3 supermarkets (in Annex, Main bldg, and The Block) Also, go to Landmark Trinoma ^_^

  5. I, too, got married to someone of the same faith but who turned out not to practise what he preached.

    It's not that difficult to understand. Personalities are not always moulded by religious beliefs. My life experience with people from all walks of life and across various cultures tells me that. Theory and practice are two different things for some people.

    besides, isn't it a little too late to question her choice of a husband? it's moot and academic.. they are married already.


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