Thursday, October 22, 2009

The other day, over lunch, my friend and colleague S warned me about possibilities. The THIS AND THAT of what could happen in the future. He pointed out that since the issue has passed and since no news has come out in the past weeks, I should tell R to watch his back.

So the other night, through text, I mentioned this to R, who, obviously irked with what I said, replied with "wala ka na namang magawa." Not that I want him paranoid over nothing, but hey, it pays to be careful.


So our daughter A watched G-Force 3D with K and Mom the other night. R was supposed to take her out to watch it but begged off because he was "busy." A, being the know-it-all, who loves listening in to grown-up conversations, remarked, "Should I text Daddy that BUSY means Being Under Satan's Yoke?" She probably heard this from those days when she'd sit in with the D-group or I dunno, Kids Church? :P But J and I were laughing so hard, no one bothered to find out.

But yes, the hubby is out of his hole, trying to get whatever's left of his life back. Not that I am surprised, but I was hoping he'd take it slow... His family and close friends worry about him and his well-being, but he acts like all is well. I guess you can't blame him. Who'd want to live under the shadow of fear all the time?

However, I truly feel that God is still in control of the situation. No matter what S says about the what could be... God is God over everything; He is God over everyone. I suppose we all have a choice. We can live our lives in fear of situations, in fear of others or live our lives fearing the one true God who holds our lives in the palm of His hand.

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