Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dare #1: Patience

I am currently reading a book called The Love Dare. And every day, the book calls for you to improve a part of the way you deal with others (not necessarily your Spouse, although the book was written for husbands and wives). The other day, the dare was to treat others with Patience.

So ok. Patience. What exactly is patience? I must admit that I am a woman of little patience. Ah yes, K is Little Miss Impatient. Even my closest friends would say so. Never mind that I dealt with the hubby and his hobby (LOL) for so many years. Nope, I wouldn't call it patience. I, in all honesty, would call it... hmmm... well, never mind what I'd call it, but it was nothing close to patience. During the onset of R's womanizing ways, I dealt with it in anger. With a lot of hurtful words. Then after a few years, I dealt with it with a lot of bitterness in my heart. I even tried doing the I-do-not-care and I-hope-you-and-your-women-burn-in-hell attitude. None of which left me any happier. In fact, I found myself miserable as ever.

The book I am reading says that Patience is the ability to respond in a positive way to negative situations. It is being slow to anger. It is a choice to control your emotions over having your emotions controlling you. Makes sense, right? The wallpaper on my mobile phone says "SLOW TO SPEAK, SLOW TO ANGER." It serves as a reminder that the one who holds his tongue is wise.

So, did I pass Day One? I'd like to think so. I have never felt better about being silent... ever. Day one was a good day.

Sidenote: The Love Dare book is available at House of Praise Panay Avenue, QC and House of Praise Trinoma, also in QC. For inquiries, call House of Praise Panay Avenue at 9205291 loc 139.

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