Monday, August 10, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | HI-TOP SALE BIN - AUGUST 8-9 WEEKEND!

You won't believe what happened to me over the weekend. But bah! It is something that needs to be forgotten, so forget about me telling you in detail - let's just say Murphy's Law was in effect. And yes, boohoo, everything went wrong.

One of the things that didn't go well in my favor was the car broke down and had to be brought to the shop at last minute Friday mid-afternoon. I got so frustrated with my car because it was just in the shop for more than a week when I was in Sydney, and then again, a week ago. Then all of a sudden, it started acting up again Wednesday afternoon. Sigh. So I was stuck with this service vehicle from the office (I had to force people to lend me one) because of all the luck, the weekend was packed with activities!

So anyway, I got my car back Saturday night - turns out it had a faulty starter that had to be replaced. While waiting for the car, the kids and I whiled away the time at Hi-Top Quezon Avenue. Check out what was on sale over the weekend. I shall head back in a while to check if they have more things today.

Look, Cai, full cream!
GIPPY Full Cream Milk; SALE PRICE: P40.75

GIPPY Skim Milk; SALE PRICE: P41.25

PRESIDENT Butter; Unsalted SALE PRICE: P83.75 / Salted SALE PRICE: P84.50

APPLE MONKEY Freeze Dried Fruits; SALE PRICE: P77.50


WANT WANT Rice Crackers; SALE PRICE: P28.95

MISSION Tortilla Chips; SALE PRICE: P21.25

SNIKIDDY Baked Fries; SALE PRICE: P116.95

LAYS Potato Chips Original; SALE PRICE: P14.75


MARUCHAN Instant Lunch Chicken; SALE PRICE: P14.50

HI-TOP SUPERMARKET HAS TWO BRANCHES: Quezon Avenue cor. Sgt. Esguerra Street and Aurora Boulevard. Both are in Quezon City.

Happy hoarding, friends!

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