Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Sophie, after her bath at 12midnight!
Let me share a brief backgrounder to this story. Yesterday, right when I got home from work, our nanny tells me that Sophie, our cat, is missing. Not only was she missing, but she has been missing since early afternoon. Apparently, Yaya J searched high and low, to no avail. Long story short, we found the cat. But not after I freaked out, because I spoke to the nanny 3x throughout the day yesterday, and she thought it best not to mention the fact that my baby cat was missing-in-action. Also, it took a while for me to join the hunt because I had to take the kids to the nearby mall to get their visa photos taken. So yes, I was antsy.

While getting the photos, I had a talk with my kids. I learned that they didn't even stop to pray. I asked A if she prayed for God to help her find the cat, and she says she didn't even get to think about praying because right when she came into the courtyard, her nanny quickly asked her to search the attic. RL says he didn't pray as well, but used his magic powers and incredible brain. So I took the opportunity to teach them about seeking God first.

This morning, on the way to school, I quizzed RL to see if he learned anything from last night.

K: "So what was the important lesson you learned last night?"
RL: "To pray!"
K: "Yes, you must always remember to call on God first. If you need help or if you are in trouble, ask God for help. You can say, 'Lord Jesus, help me!' okay?"
RL: "Okay."
K: "Your first reaction should be to ask God first. Don't try to solve things on your own or to ask others before you ask God. He should be the first one you turn to for help. Do you understand?"
RL: "Yes."
K: "Because you know, man can't do everything, but God is all-powerful. He can do anything!"
RL: (silent)

After a few seconds, he blurts out a nagging question.

"So God can lick His elbows?!!"

Hahaha, how would you answer that question? I told him to ask God when He gets the opportunity. Hehehe.

My funny little boy. 

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