Friday, June 1, 2012

Crocs Mega Sale 2012

Looks like I'm missing this one this year. Which is surprising because I NEVER miss out on a Crocs MegaSale. But my budget calls for it. The little boy will be starting school soon. Not this June, maybe later in the year, but I HAVE to save up for it so. Yea. Missing this one. :(

The Crocs MegaSale is happening today through Sunday at the NBC Tent. Gates open at 10am, but lines are known to get crazy as early as 6am (even earlier!). Be careful when it rains, as there is little shade around NBC Tent. Here's what happened last year when it rained.

Lady in front of me trying not to sink into the mud.
Rain or shine. I.WILL.GET.TO.MY.CROCS.
You WANTED to brave the rain, you therefore have NO RIGHT to complain.
Too many "So near, yet so far" moments.
More lines inside! Spell CRAZY!
If you are lacking in patience, PLEASE DO NOT GO.
Are these cute Butterfly Crocs worth the wait?
Or these adorable Penguin ones? So cute! 
They hire extra contractual employees during the sale, please don't expect everyone to
be knowledgeable, friendly or fast. ;) Be a little considerate. They're trying their best to serve you.
Looking at these pictures make me want to go. LOL! Plus I saw the price list here, here, and here (thank you EDLR for sharing your photos!). I heard there weren't too many small pairs for young boys. And RL's practically the ONLY one who still wears Crocs in our family. Oh well, maybe I'll try checking it out on Sunday. If I don't make it, don't show me your great deals ha? I don't want to regret NOT going. LOL!

Stay updated! Keep tabs on what's happening at Crocs Philippines via!

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