Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Blowout - DAY 8!

Remember my post on SoTrue? Well here's a secret: Mia used to be a school mate from middle school! I promised not to say when, but really, does age matter when you look as good as this mother of two?

Mia, with her husband Raymond, and their two adorable little ones
- the inspiration behind SoTrue.
Mia recently introduced two new products to her SoTrue line - the Room and Linen spray, and the Bye-Bye Buggy - both perfect for the rainy season! The Room and Linen Spray keeps your room smelling nice, and rids your linen of that damp smell (when your laundry fails to dry under the sun because of rain). Bye-Bye Buggy is what we all need to keep handy, to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away (Dengue season is here!).

Keep your rooms, pillows and blankets smelling fresh!
SoTrue Naturals Room and Linen Spray - 100% Natural!
in Lemongrass Lavender, Mandarin Cinnamon, Lavender, and Rose.
Say goodbye to bugs with this NO DEET, non-greasy, non-drying
and all natural insect repellant!  Smells yummy to humans, yucky to bugs.
SoTrue Naturals Bye-Bye Buggy!
I can't wait to see what other products SoTrue makes available in the coming months. I am so excited about this brand. After all, the heart of SoTrue is to provide the best for our families.


SoLuxe is SoTrue's Premium Soap line. Retail value: P250/bar.
Mia sent over some of her soaps from SoTrue's SoLuxe line. So I'm giving you the chance to win it! I will be giving out the following bars:

Winner 1: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint
Winner 2: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint
- A sweet, floral scent made fresh and light with Peppermint.

Winner 3: SoLuxe Peppermint Cinnamon
- Cooling Mint paired with the gentle exfoliating properties of ground Cinnamon.

Winner 4: SoLuxe Rose
- What is more feminine than the scent of Roses? SoLuxe Rose is my comfort soap! Reminds me of my nana's old garden. 

Winner 5: SoLuxe Tea Tree Lemon Peppermint
- Rejuvenating scents that pack the anti-bacterial punch of Tea Tree Oil.

Rafflecopter was down earlier today, but it's finally working again! Yay! So make sure you follow each option correctly in order to get all 10 entries for this giveaway.


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