Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Dad

Today is Father's Day. 

Yesterday, while checking on my plants, my neighbor CC gave me a "Happy Father's Day" greeting. I never really discuss my personal life with my neighbors, but yes, of course they know I am both mom AND dad to my kids. They haven't seen R around, after all. Besides, the fact that R and I aren't together isn't really much of a secret - not to my neighbors, friends, relatives... (the whole world, maybe?).

The greeting did catch my attention and got me thinking about my situation. If it is difficult for me to tackle parenting alone, it must be equally, if not more, difficult for others. I am blessed to have a support system - people who stand by me to help with parenting, advice, etc. I am also blessed to have men stand in as father figures to my kids.

Today, I want to take this opportunity to thank and honor all of these men who have been like fathers to my children.

Lord, You are the best Father anyone could ever have. I thank You for providing for all our needs. For never failing to be there for us through thick and thin. You have been so good to us. Truly, only You could fill the void in our hearts and You fill it to the brim! Thank You for being Father, when earthly fathers fail to be present. You love us unconditionally and You keep my kids under Your wing - the best place to be! I love You, Lord! Happy Father's Day!

When I was in the US for 12th Grade, I was asked by Mrs. Stetkevich to write down the names of the 3 people I look up to the most. On that workbook, I wrote your name first. I know I don't say it much, but I love you, Dad. I know you care about me, and I will never forget those times when you prayed for me, defended me, stood up for me, and taught me about God. I want you to know how much I appreciate how you sent KY to school, how you provided for all her needs - even when you didn't have to. You have always loved my kids! And although sometimes, I wish I was Daddy's Little Girl again, I am blessed that you chose my kids to take my place! You will always be my first love. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

You have been like an older brother to me. LOL! Yes, even if I am really older by a few years. My kids are blessed to have you in their life. You pamper them and buy them toys (the expensive ones! Haha!) and you don't count them as owed favors (best thing about you! and me, hahaha!). You bought A her first iTouch, and gave RL his first pair of Nikes! You don't know how much I appreciate that. And appreciate YOU. You travel and get them the most expensive toy on their shopping list. Please don't change. LOL. Thank you for doting on them like they were your own. I promise to shower your future kids with equal love (and toys!). I will be the best aunt ever! Thank you for being there for A. You are her favorite uncle. And thank you for being there for RL, you are not his favorite uncle. LOL! Happy Father's Day, 'Hia!

Thank you for teaching A how to ride a bike. Happy Father's Day!

LOL! Seriously, remember how I taught you how to read, did all your homework and data files, made all your projects, wrote all your book reports, etc. etc. And you pay me back by being the stingiest uncle ever! Bwahaha! I love you, my baby brother! I can't believe you're all grown up! Where's my baby kendoo, kendoo (wakey, wakey!)? Hahaha! Did I ever tell you how A takes after you? She is (in her own words) "laway-sensitive". Hahaha! And how weird is it that RL looks like he's your kid and not mine? No wonder you're his favorite uncle! When he grows up, he says he wants to be exactly like you. It's a blessing that he has you to look up to. Thank you for making him your favorite nephew - for always looking for him first thing when you visit us (or visit me in the office), for taking care of him when we're out, for carrying him so I can eat meals, for always asking to spend time with him. You make up for a lot of things he doesn't know he's missed. For that, I will always be grateful. You are a blessing. Happy Father's Day!

Ninongs, I've been wanting to thank you for taking time out to spend time with my kids. Special shout-outs go to Ninong B, Ninong T, Ninong Blue and to my BIL, Ninong M. Ninong B, I have yet to thank you for being there for A, especially during the first few years of her life. How you took time to help me with A's first birthday party, when really, you didn't have to. You went out of your way to do so. Thanks! Ninong T, I am thankful that you agreed to be RL's godfather. It's heartwarming to see how you've grown to be more my friend than R's and how our families have become close through the years. You and G have been true friends to me, and I can see how much you truly love and care for my family. Thank you for being there for RL (and A). I didn't make a mistake in choosing you. You are a great father, and RL is blessed to have you in his life. Ninong Blue, you took my invitation to be godfather to RL so seriously from the start. I can see why your family is hesitant to see you get married. You dote on those you love. Thank you for always taking time out to be with us. I know I've said this before, but my whole family loves you! You have been very kind, and you really go out of your way to show how much you care. Thank you for taking RL shopping at Toys R Us, even when you didn't have to, really. I am happy to have chosen you, and although we only see each other once in a blue moon, I know you will always be there. Thanks! And finally, to my brother-in-law, M, you may not know it, but there are memories and words that I will always treasure in my heart. Thank you for giving A the TV we now have in our living room. ;) For taking on responsibilities that aren't yours in the first place (but you take them on anyway because of your giving heart). I pray you find someone who will truly love you unconditionally. You are a good man. Thank you for being a blessing. Happy Father's Day, Ninongs!

If there is one thing I will never forget, it is this: A excitedly telling me how you took her out for frozen yogurt after KC. This was the seed that started it all, and because of your kindness, she now finds it easier to trust others. I know you've been told this many, many times, but you are a great dad. Your sons and daughter are blessed to have you. Y is blessed to have you as her partner in life. If there is someone my kids can look up to and for RL to emulate, it is you. Thank you for truly caring for them, for giving RL high-fives in church, for lifting both A and RL up in prayer, for never hesitating when led to bless, pray, lift, praise, encourage, rebuke, etc. My kids are blessed to have you as their pastor, and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for always being there. Happy Father's Day!

Before we moved to this home, RL never really grasped the concept of having a dad around. He was too young when my husband and I separated. So when once, he told me how he wanted to have a dad because your daughter had you, it broke my heart. But you would play ball with my son, and invite him into your home without second thoughts. And it was the fact that he finally knew what having a dad meant that prodded him to accept his own dad in his life. It was the fact that you were in your daughter's life that made him want to spend time with his father. He didn't even hesitate because he knew it was a natural thing - to actually have a dad. Thank you for being a great dad to your daughter and a great husband to CC. My kids now have a picture of a loving, caring, beautiful family because of you guys.



  1. The beauty of every piece of writing is when it touches the reader in a palpable way despite not knowing the persons spoken of (except of course for your dad and your brothers, who i still can't believe are grown-ups). This is one such piece. It is beautifully written -- sincere and heartfelt.

    Happy father's day to you, mommy.

  2. the beauty of a piece of writing is when the words touch the reader in such a palpable way even if the persons spoken of are unknown (except, of course, your dad and your brothers, who i still can't believe are grown-ups). This is one such piece. It is beautifully written-- sincere and heartfelt.

    Happy father's day to you, mommy kaye.


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