Sunday, June 17, 2012

RL and His Tongue

I interrupt normal programming to bring you this story about my funny little man. I hope it brightens your day!

RL loves UBE Ice Cream!
Yesterday morning... after eating ube ice cream...

RL: "Mommy, can I get Katniss?"
K: "Go wash your mouth and face first."

Stands there.

K: "Why aren't you going to the bathroom?"
RL: "I'm using my tongue!"



We were having dinner at Sofitel earlier. I was looking for a dessert spoon for my halo-halo. I was supposed to use RL's spoon, but he already used it for his ube ice cream (my little boy loves ube!). So I asked the server for another spoon.

A minute or so later, RL taps me on the shoulder and was about to hand me his spoon.

K: "No, it has ice cream on it. I want a clean spoon."
RL: "It's clean! I cleaned it with my tongue!"

No kidding! LOL!

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