Monday, June 25, 2012

Big, Bold and Beautiful!

Three days ago, while engaging in small talk with my co-workers, it dawned on me that I am now actually a year older. Yes, it slipped my mind. I guess this type of amnesia happens when you're old... er...oldER. I can't believe I am actually... this age. When my mom was my age, I considered her ancient. LOL! So I took a good, long look at my reflection in the mirror that morning, and started feeling a tad sad. "I'm old!", I sobbed, thinking about my age. Took another long look and heard my mom's words echo with "And fat." Yes, folks, I have gained weight. Not that none of you have noticed. A stalker reader even left a comment on my McDonald's BIG N' TASTY post just to tell me so. Ha!

Ten years ago, I would have taken snide comments to heart, worried about it, and let it eat me up 'til who-knows-how-long. But as I've pointed out, I am older now, wiser, and a little more attuned to the fact that life is short, and the many other maxims that really try to tell us that it doesn't matter what others say about you. What's important is what you know and believe to be true about yourself.

Over fourteen years ago, when I worked for Makro, I realized this very same thing. I worked side-by-side nursing, engineering, and education graduates who couldn't find jobs that suited their degrees. Instead, some had to work for my canvassing team - recruiting members for the then-new (and alive) business and wholesale giant. Once, on field work along Banawe Avenue, my co-canvassers and I were literally kicked out of a car shop, manned, ironically, by a batch mate from Ateneo. Yes folks, he kicked me out - AB Economics degree and all. My co-canvassers were pissed. I, however, took it with a grain of salt. This man knew little, if not none, about who we were, so he chose to look down on us. But did it matter what he knew? Did it matter that he called us "tsao-hwans" (a derogatory remark meaning dirty, stinky people in Chinese slang), when we knew we weren't? I told my canvassing team to keep their chins up. They were college graduates, and this man didn't know that.

So really, does it matter if I look bigger, older (and perhaps, uglier) now? LOL! I'd like to believe otherwise. I actually think life is awesome, and I actually feel young and beautiful. Do I listen to what other people say about me? Sure. Do I let their words bring me down? No.

I may be big and old to some. But to me, THIS is what I know to be true: I am BIG, B-OLD and BEAUTIFUL!


So remember that BIG N' TASTY event I attended a few weeks back? Well McDonald's had us, bloggers, fulfill specific tasks to show how BIG can be beautiful. 


My not-so-little photographer A wanted to show my readers the difference in size of the plush toys we found at home.
Yes, this Barney stuffed toy is almost as big as I am!
This was fairly easy. A has had this plush toy since she was one and crazy over Barney. I was planning on selling this but couldn't let go of memories. R had purchased this with his first commission. This gigantic plush holds many, BIG memories for our family. Thank goodness I didn't let go of it. Task 1, DONE!


My BFF J's little boy is turning one! J has been so stressed lately - with work, preps and everything else. So last Friday, after work, I surprised her with an invitation to go de-stressing at McDonald's for a dose of the NEW! Big N' Tasty burger! For this task, I commissioned the help of my talented assistant G to assist me in making this humongous card, and J's husband RF to take photos. J obviously got the picture - nothing like a BIG card to get a BIG message across - J, KEEP CALM AND THINK BIG... N' TASTY! Tara!

Stressed and tired, my BFF J needed a break! So I took the opportunity to invite her out for a Big N' Tasty.
I wanted a BIG card to get my BIG message across. This BIG N' TASTY treat is on me!

J has been a great, great friend to me. We've been office mates for over 10 years. She has been by my side through thick and thin, and has always held my hand through the bad times. She always sees the good in the bad (yes, even in worst situations) and for that I will always be grateful. Among all my friends, J has the BIGGEST heart.

We set a date for lunch the next day as she still had errands to run and deadlines to meet that evening. Task 2, DONE!


This, I think, was the hardest task for me, as it took a lot of effort. I was told that it had to be a "drawn" mural, so I had to do some research on this. I initially wanted to pose by the mural on EDSA, Cubao, but I didn't think getting caught by the MMDA would be worth the trouble. I still tried, somehow, and failed. LOL!

Effort much? LOL! Effort FAIL! Argh!
After consulting my friend, Google, on possible alternatives, I found out that the mural painted along the perimeter fence of Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City is now actually considered to be the BIGGEST and longest wildlife mural in the Philippines. Lucky me, I pass this establishment everyday on my way to work. So on the holiday of June 12th, my kids and I took a field trip to NAPWC, and explored their newly-painted perimeter fence.

On May 25, 2012, about 700 volunteers from all walks of life (including street kids!), led by lead mural artist, Amado SaƱo, came together to paint the wall around NAPWC. Measuring approximately 1.075 kilometers long, the wall showcases a design that highlights marine biodiversity in the Philippines. This finished mural is now known as the "Biodiversity Wall of Nature".

My kids and I went on a field trip and trekked around Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center to capture the new and
beautiful wildlife mural on their perimeter wall. Said to be the biggest and longest wildlife mural in the country, the
mural, dubbed "Biodiversity Wall of Nature" measures 1.075 Kilometers long, and was painted by over 700 volunteers!

Posing with my little boy, RL, by the "Biodiversity Wall of Nature."
I love taking trips with my kids, yes, even just around the metro. I haven't been to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center since I was a young, little girl. My mom used to take us here for picnics. I didn't think the park was this BIG! Too bad we missed out on seeing the rescue center. We did get a glimpse of the monkeys in cages, by one of the outside fences, and it broke our hearts to see them outside of their natural habitat. My not-so-little girl (and photographer for the day) A wants to be a wildlife photographer/zoo ranger/veterinarian someday (she has a BIG heart for animals!), so visiting the rescue center would be an exciting trip for her. We are scheduled to visit again soon! Task 3, DONE!


Thought bubble: How I wish I had someone special in my life to share a BIG N' TASTY with... *sad* LOL!

When I was contemplating on how I wanted to do this task, I knew my someone special had to be someone dear to me. I would have picked my kids for this, but both A and RL are more Chicken McDo lovers. So remember my BFF J? Well I was supposed to take her out for Saturday lunch at McDonald's. However, because it was the day before her little boy's first birthday party, she had to make last-minute trips to party suppliers, and had wanted to raincheck on our date. I knew firsthand how stressful preparing for a party could be, so I agreed to reschedule. That evening, however, while her whole family stressed over last-minute details, I decided to drive-thru the nearest McDonald's store and brought them a BIG N' TASTY midnight snack!

Craving for a BIG N' TASTY is not a problem as McDonald's has 24-hour stores around the metro.
You can either Drive-thru, call 8-MCDO or log on to McDelivery Online for delivery (Flat Rate of P40) -
Yes, satisfy that nagging craving, even during the wee hours of the morning!

I wasn't so sure I could pull off a surprise, so I coordinated with J's husband RF to make sure J was home and ready for some grub.

J wasn't hard to please since I already knew she also loves the NEW! BIG N' TASTY burger from McDonald's.
But she didn't think I'd make good on my promise of having the burgers on Saturday. Needless to say,
it was a BIG and welcome surprise for the tired mom. Her hubby RF took these pictures as I came in the door.    
I chose my bff J for Task 4, and had a BIG N' TASTY burger with her. 
J and I have loads in common. We both have little boys, love to tinker around with editing tools, etc. And we both love a good burger! We also both think we're beautiful, albeit BIG. LOL! And we don't let others pull us down. J is a feisty little one, and will speak her mind when needed. Otherwise, she is shy, sweet and super. She is one of my bestfriends and I love her! Task 4, DONE!

Yes, I am BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! I am blessed to have friends and family (with BIG hearts!) to celebrate this awesome, awesome life with me. Life is overwhelmingly great, as it is beautiful. I won't allow others to tell me otherwise. 


  1. You are making me consider doing a drive thru at McDo tonight! haha.

    1. Haha! You should! I'm having one for lunch tomorrow!

  2. Now I am craving for McDonald's Big n' Tasty! :)

    1. Haha! Then I can have your Garlic Butter Shrimps for dinner.

  3. like lang ng like ng like! sana may one year supply ng big n' tasty kahit limited edition lang (baka ma-extend...) :D

  4. So glad to have a friend like you k! Its been a great ride with you in a roller coaster and having a big n tasty on the side :)

  5. Yes, bigger IS better!

  6. i loved that you talked about thinking that your mom was ancient at our age. i actually had the same thoughts as a teen too! hahaha

    and as someone who is destined to be "big" eventually, because of my work and my genes, i love how you celebrate and love yourself the way you are now. plus, i don't believe that you've gained weight. you look even more gorgeous now! i would like to correct you on the "ugly" part, through the years that i have known you, i have seen you blossom into this beautiful, confident, independent person... so there!

    p.s. your expression as you bite into the burger --priceless!

    1. Aw. Thank you, Maan! Let's love ourselves first!

  7. Mcdo is just a hop away from the office and i haven't tasted the Big n Tasty burger.

  8. I want Mcdo's Big n Tasty.. Craving for it..

  9. I'm trying to stay away from it because of my 7 lb weight gain

    But tonight I surrender

  10. for limited time only, dont just like, taste it... ;-)

  11. ahh i want that barney plush soo much~


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