Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only One.

I've been trying to wean the little boy from drinking three bottles of milk a night. Breastfed since birth 'til he turned two, RL cannot sleep without getting his fill of milk. I've heard from fellow breastfeeding moms that it is oftentimes the same case with their tots, as they are used to having unlimited supply, even at night. This presents a dilemma for me, since that means several potty breaks for the little boy during the wee hours of the morning.

Because boys are created differently from girls, a diaper gets filled up rather quickly in front. This causes leaks, sometimes even after just one wetting. Yes, this means waking up for a nappy change in the middle of the night.  I "announced" my problem about two years ago on Facebook, and got a recommendation from my 6th grade pal, JM, to try the Mamy Poko brand. My first thought was "no way am I spending more than what I'm already spending on diapers." But JM had a little boy, too, and faced the same midnight pee-pee problems I had with RL. "Besides, how many times do you change that cheaper diaper a night?"

That got me thinking, but then, I still opted to try out a slightly cheaper diaper brand that promised "total protection" of up to 10 hours. The brand proved effective... at first. Then my little boy grew bigger and drank more milk at night. Then the leaks started again. Forget the 10-hour promise, this diaper couldn't keep up with RL's drinking habits! We were using an average of two diapers per night, three when RL tries to sleep early and drinks more milk. So I did the computing and figured I might as well take JM's recommendation and bought a pack of Mamy Poko diapers.

I love that Mamy Poko comes in XXL.  In some countries, they go up to  XXXL!

Alas! I waited too long! This was the only diaper brand that kept RL dry at night - the whole night! Forget the big name brands that are advertised as this and that on the telly, nothing compares to Mamy Poko. 

My little boy needs sleep and so does mommy! We've been Mamy Poko users for over a year now. I do not regret the extra money spent on diapers because really, it comes out cheaper. Plus, a good night's rest is priceless. With Mamy Poko, you will need ONLY ONE diaper to last a whole night. Yes, ONLY ONE. No leaks, guaranteed

Mamy Poko Extra Dry Diapers has superior absorbency and supreme dryness. Its Stripes Pad Sheet quickly absorbs and locks in urine for faster, extra drying protection.

We've tried all brands but find that only Mamy Poko takes care of my little boy's needs. We've always, always had a full night's sleep since. No turning back. Only Mamy Poko for my baby. ♥

With RL's fave sleeping position, only Mamy Poko keeps the leaks away. Tried and tested. OC Mamy approved.
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