Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to this Crazy World, Baby M!

My BFF cum partner-in-crime et confidante, J and her hubby RJ had the surprise of their lives yesterday! At 1am, their baby M decided it was finally time to come into the world by poking through his mom's waterbag. Roughly 8 hours later, and about 2 hours of pushing to no avail, baby M was born via C-sec!

Biggest baby in today's batch of new arrivals.

Weighing 8.3lbs, baby M is a big newborn! Adorable, nonetheless. Makes me want to have another one... sike!

I love the smell of babies. This one is no exception. I stayed with J and RJ the whole afternoon, and then some of the evening (I was sitting out the rain).

Adorable little bundle of joy. Congratulations, J and RJ!

Welcome to the world, Baby M! You are loved!

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  1. cute! I am starting to feel the want of having another baby... but my first is just 14months and I had her via C-section too so we'd have to wait :)

    I'm following from!

    Spanish Pinay


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