Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to School!

It's that time of the year again! A is back to school, this time at her new big school! I can't tell you exactly how excited she was to be taking the school bus for the first time in her life. I know I wasn't excited to wake up at 430am (the bus swings by our place at 530am). Gaaaah! Yes, so early! Was it this early when we were kids? I don't know, really, I never took the bus service to school. But nowadays, with traffic et al, and given my situation, I have no choice but to let A take the bus (to her obvious delight).

Back to school means back to making imBento lunch! Yes, I wasn't too eager to get up so early, but surprisingly found myself creating something for my girl. My nanny found it quite amusing that I was rearranging my daughter's baon. Hey, I can't help it if I felt like making imBento so early in the morning.

This was what I made for A today. 

Homemade Pork Siomai with Rice; Oreo for dessert!

We made homemade Pork Siomai last night. And since A and I could both eat Siomai everyday, that's what she requested for lunch. A lot of my friends have been bugging me for the recipe. I don't really have a recipe-recipe, since I throw everything together and mix in the soysauce, etc. But my husband, kids, brother, helpers (you get the idea) all swear it is good. So here's the recipe for you, NappyKaye-style. Feel free to add stuff to your liking. It's a simple recipe I learned from a friend's cook. You can add a dash of sesame oil to the mixture if you want it smelling more asian. 

Enjoy! Can I just say it again, I CAN EAT SIOMAI EVERYDAY. Nomnomnomnom! 


  1. I can eat siomai every day, too!!! When we finally do meet up let's pig out on dimsum? :) Your stalker. The nice one, ha. :p (ML)

  2. i've just started my passion (bordering on obsession) for bento this year. and like you, i enjoy making my kid's bento every morning. where do you get your supplies? would love to here tips.

    write and bento on!

  3. tried this recipe super busog. its sooooo good!!!!!abby is acting like Ni Hao Kailan...i told her Ni Hao kailan eats siomai.

  4. Hey Stalker, sure! Any good dimsum places down south?

    Monet, I get my bento supplies from Daiso/Jusco in HK, or Saizen here. The Japanese stores in Cartimar also carry the basics!

    Trix, I'm glad that turned out well. I haven't had lunch and now I want Siomai too!

  5. I'm sure it tastes good because it's made with love <3

    Question lang: What if you don't eat pork? What would be a worthy substitute? :)

  6. Hi. Been reading your blog for quite some time now. I like your posts .. especially the imBento posts. I have bought some supplies at Saizen last week and I just started using them today. I made my son star-shaped cookies .. inspired by you. Thanks.


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