Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know that I've mentioned in the past that A collects Littlest Pet Shop toys. It's her "fave toy everrrrrr!" or so she claims (actually, she loves all sorts but this is the one toy she actually collects).

Last month, my mom threw A a post-birthday SPA-rty at Rockwell's Dashing Diva (separate post next time) and well, A wanted me to get her a plain cake from the nearby bakery so she can decorate it with her Littlest Pet Shop toys. Alas, it never happened because 1) we were pressed for time, 2) A decided she wanted to do a party game instead of blowing out a birthday candle and 3) RL squished the cake (LOL!).

So when my birthday came the following Monday, A insisted we get a cake for the office peeps and that she'll make sure to decorate it this time. She made sure she washed her chosen toys well, and voila! I had my very own Littlest Pet Shop cake. So cuuuuutttttteeee!

Rattlesnake, Ostrich and Bunny - enjoying cake and tea.

Cookie Letters from Shoppersville Bakery.

Friends transcend gender, age and specie. LOL!

One of A's favorites! Pony she calls Muffin.

Look who's trying to escape!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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