Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Blooded for the Green Blooded

Looks like my KY is going down the same path my little brother took... Look who's selling shirts at De La Salle this week in time for the university's celebration of its centennial year!

Green Blooded commemorates 100 years of Animo Pride with their version of the De La Salle Centennial shirt.

Kevin Conner and Trishee Patalud for GreenBlooded. Photo by: Kate Ngo

Conceptualized by two wacky, yet adorable girls who wish to venture into business whilst young, Green Blooded has sold more shirts than expected in the first day of DLSU's Centennial Bazaar.

100 Years of Excellence, Green, P300.00.

100 Years of Excellence Tee, White, P300.00.

100 Years of Animo Pride, Green, P300.00.
100 Years of Animo Pride, Black, P300.00.

Martina Spakowski and Job Zamora for GreenBlooded. Photo by: Monica Muyot

See you there!

Green Blooded will be at the DLSU Centennial Bazaar until Friday, June 17, 2011. Their booth will be at the SJ Walk near Zaide (DLSU-Manila campus). Do buy one and show off your Animo Pride, and say hi to my KY for me. Hehe.

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