Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

When I was 16 and studying in the US, I was made to list down 3 people who I am most inspired by. And the first person that came to mind was my dad. 

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I was always Daddy's Little Girl... well, until the grandkids came along, but yea, my dad and I share a special bond only fathers and daughters have. The most vivid first memory I have of my dad is of him sitting beside me on the stairs at our old house, telling me how I should never try on my mom's bakya, since I always tumble and fall while wearing them (my mom had the nicest pair, it called out to me each time I passed the shoe rack, LOL). And I did fall a couple of times, and that was what led to that particular conversation on the stairs. I remember him telling me how I was precious and that he wouldn't be around all the time to protect me, but that I should listen to his reminders and learn how to protect myself.

I was told that when my mom was pregnant with me, my dad had wanted a baby boy. Baby boys were stars in Chinese families, and a first-born son meant the world to my paternal grandparents. My dad bought sets of Matchbox cars for his first-born even before I came into the world. Alas, God had other plans and I was his eldest child. That didn't change things. I was his little girl, and I had a mean collection of die-cast cars. LOL.

When I was 5, my dad took me on my first trip out of the country (to the homeland, of course). Just my dad and me. I will never forget that trip. He made me promise to remember where we were going at all times, what roads to take, which way to go, etc. And I guess that is why my navigation skills are top-notch. Haha! Seriously, he taught me how to study maps, figure out routes, find short cuts, etc. By the time I was 8, I was already planning and navigating US cross-country road trips! I loved it because I always got to sit shot-gun!

Now that I am older, I've realized that I've always wanted someone like my dad. My dad stood by me through every trial I've had to go through. He'd pray for me, and would always give me a ready-hug each time I felt down. His heart always had Christ's name written on it.

I now work with my dad, not as obligation, but by choice. We run the family corporation's ministry arm - a legacy left behind by my grandparents. Hard as it may seem to work with family, and I know this first-hand as I see how difficult it is for my dad to draw the line between us being his kids and being his employees, seeing my dad everyday has its rewards. We went through tough times together, and there are times when I feel he doesn't understand what I am going through, but I see in his eyes that he only wants what's best for his daughter - for his little girl.

Once, when R and I were having problems, and I was pregnant with RL, my dad saw me sitting in church, close to tears. He sat beside me, and literally just sat there. No questions, no hugs, no nothing. A week later, I found out from our Pastor that my dad had asked for prayers for me. He felt the weight of my troubles, and by sitting beside me, tried to carry all that with me.

I know that there are times when we've wronged each other, and there are times when I am sure he feels like I've outgrown him, but Dad, I will always be your little girl. And I love you with all my heart.

Happy Father's Day!

*This was meant to be a Father's Day post but I ran out of SmartBro credits right when I was writing this over the long weekend. Then I forgot all about it. Hehe. So here it is. ;)


  1. This is very heartwarming. You don't know how much this made me miss my papa all the more since he's oceans away from me.

    I'm following from momcenter!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. It made me teary-eyed! I miss my dad so much, I'm here in the US and my folks are back in the Phils....


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