Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Sat Beside a Convicted Felon.

T'was a workday, and I was eager to get off work early, when I received a text message from my friend RP. "Come. Get-together dinner with RM." RM works as a nurse in Canada and was in town for a visit.

I dilly-dallied and decided it was time to haul ass. I wanted to get home to the kids, but I needed time off. I finally had a maid and some me-time for myself. 

"Okay. Okay. Will be there in 15."

So I rushed and got to Rockwell in 10 minutes. No traffic. Lucky me. Yes, I'm a kaskasera, I take after my mom. Teehee. Got to A's diner and noticed everyone had their fill of dinner already. F turns to me and says, "Come, Kaye, dinner's on me. Order what you want." I had a hoagie.

Hubert comes along, hand in hand with his special someone, C. I turned to look. "He's looking good nowadays. Jail did him some, but he's looking good", I thought to myself. 

The mall was about to close and we had to move. We decided on a bar outside, where the shops stay open past curfews and what-nots. I dragged my feet, not because I didn't want to be there, but because my mind was elsewhere (R was in town and I didn't want him thinking I abandoned the kids to have a good time around town). I took out my iTouch and started playing Pretty Pet Salon. Next thing I know, Hubert is beside me. He passes me a glass. "Here, Kaye, drink." I stare at it, give the glass of red a whiff and I pushed it back. "Too bitter." 

He laughs. I see the lines around his eyes. 

So we sat around for some time, and the clock ticks away. I stare at them, and for the lack of topic and something worthwhile to do, I asked Hubert if I could ask him some questions. "Fire away!", he says.

"How'd you guys meet?" was the first Q that came to mind. And yes, I did say I was bringing out Tito Boy's Mahiwagang Salamin. LOL. We got to the serious questions. I was a bit hesitant to ask him, but I did ask about jail and how it was. What made it more difficult, what made it a tad easy. I feel for the guy, he's been through a lot.

Then we started talking about church and how he'd love to go to Victory someday. We talked about memories of Bilibid and what he did to while away time. He learned to play an instrument, watched movies, read the Bible, all sorts. We talked about God - a topic I noticed he loved talking about nowadays. We talked about how God takes care of everything when you've been wronged. Someone in the group asked about vengeance. And Hubert takes one long breath.


"What do you mean no?" That someone asked in reply to his adamant NO.

"I'm leaving it up to God. I do not wish the same for anyone. God wanted me there for a purpose. What it is, I do not know. But I leave it all to Him"

I stare at him with my mouth open. Wisdom from spending time in jail. Wisdom from spending time with God.

I told him about a pastor's daughter, who got raped by a bunch of cops back in the 90s. They never pursued the cops. The pastor-father gave it all to God. Hubert asked, "What happened to the cops?"

They're all dead. Sickness or something. Basta dead.

Hubert sighs, "Exactly. He'll take care of me."

I look at him with renewed admiration. This man couldn't have committed the crime. I've heard my friends swear Hubert was in the US during the massacre. Followed the case from day 1. Read through court proceedings, witness accounts, etc. That evening, it all came back to me. That urge to tell the world this man is a good man.

I sat beside a convicted felon, but knew right then and there, Hubert Webb never committed that crime.

Hubert Webb is innocent.

People lie; the evidence speaks for itself. Know the facts! Add Free Hubert Webb on Facebook. Or join the group Justice for Hubert Webb. Follow them on Twitter here.

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