Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Early! (Part 2)

My daughter has been bugging me, because we're not yet done with Science. She'll be in 6th grade next year and this will be the last time I'm teaching her during her exams. Thank goodness!

Anyway, if you didn't see the previous post on non-food items on sale, here is Part 1 of my Members' Treat Early Bird Sale post. S&R's Members' Treat is happening next week (on the 13th!) and I checked out their Early Bird Sale to give you guys a look-see at what to expect, and what you can actually buy today (in case you're scared of the lines and the maddening crowd).

Here are some of the items on sale now for food!

Beer Nuts Bar Mix, Before P399.95; SALE P299.95 
Kirkland Salted Caramel Macadamia Clusters (to die for!!!), Before P799.95; SALE P649.95
By the way, Brookside's Acai Berry in Chocolate is also on sale. I didn't take a photo, because I figured you'd already know that it would be on sale. Hehe.

Top Row (L-R): Snack Factory Pretzel Crisp Original, BUY 1 TAKE P299.95
Jans Maxi Mixed Root Sea Salt Chips, Before P199.95; SALE P139.95
TGIF Potato Skins Cheddar & Bacon, Before P249.95; SALE P169.95
Bottom Row (L-R)
: Herr's Cheese Curls Barrel, Before 229.95; SALE P204.95
Pik-Nik 50% Less Salt, Before P105.95; SALE P90.95
Member's Selection Trail Mix, Before P349.95; SALE P269.95
This is my 80-year-old aunt's favorite!
La Dolce Vita Classic Italian Biscotti, Before P699.95; SALE P579.95
From Top Left, Clockwise: Kirkland PeanutButter-Filled Pretzels, Before P699.95; SALE P549.95
Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Plain / With Marshmallows, Before P399.95; SALE P319.95
 New Choice Frugurt Yogurt Snacks, Before P369.95; SALE P299.95
CEREALS! Kellogg's Fruit Loops 2 Bags, Before P499.95; SALE P419.95
Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries 2 Bags, Before P399.95; SALE P299.95
Kellogg's 3-variant pack (Fruit Loops, Pops and Apple Jacks), Before P599.95; SALE P449.95
Kellogg's Special K & Berries, Before P599.95; SALE P449.95 
Juicee Gummee 500g, Before P164.95; SALE P124.95
Philippine Brand Dried Mango Mix 680g, Before P419.95; SALE P359.95
Philippine Brand Dried Mango Yellow 850g, Before P599.95; SALE P499.95
All these Haagen Dazs Pints for just P229.95! That's P100 off !
Look! Of course the Blue Bunny Family Size Mint Bonbons would be on sale! Before P499.95; SALE P379.95
Kirkland Super Premium Vanilla, Before P499.95; SALE P279.95
These are perfect for Yonanas! Kirkland Frozen Large Strawberries 6lb
Before P799.95; SALE P499.95
US Western Bagels 5s, Before P179.95; SALE P129.95
And of course, all these Bakery items are on sale!
My favorite would be the Strudels, which would always run out during Members' Treat! On sale NOW at P129.95!
I realized I took so little of the food items. Aside from the usual, these items are the ones that interest me. LOL! So yes, these are all ON SALE at these great, discounted prices now. If you wanna see what else is on sale, hurry on to an S&R store today!

S&R Members' Treat
13-17 March 2013

If you see me on Wednesday (or any other day...LOL!), please do say "hi". 


  1. We have TGIF Potato Skins at home. We love it!


  2. We love it, too! Thanks for visiting, Michelle!

  3. Hi... how much is Brookside's Acai Berry in Chocolate? I've heard so much about this and I love dark chocolates. Was hoping to get one :)


  4. also, would you know if truffettes de france is on sale as well?... first time ko to check S&R... would like to visit sa sale period nila :)

  5. Love them all...thanks for posting the pics


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