Monday, March 25, 2013

Yaya Stories: Limes.

So the nanny came to me the other night complaining that the little boy wasn't listening to her. She, apparently, had been reprimanding him (and her own kids, who, yes, still live with us), to no avail.

Nanny J: "Pinapagalitan ko na nga, di naman nakikinig. Sige lang laro ng laro, e sinabi ko madumi yun." (I was reprimanding them, and yet they didn't listen. Instead, they kept playing, even when I told them it was dirty.)
K: "Ano ba nilalaro ng mga bata na ayaw mo palaro?"(What were they playing with anyway?)
Nanny J: "Madikit kasi, hindi ko matatanggal sa couch pagdumikit etong 'Limes'.(It's really sticky and I won't be able to get the 'Limes' off if it gets on the couch.)

So I looked at her, and looked at what she was holding. Limes. Too funny. I couldn't stop laughing, because she started laughing too when I told her it was "S-L-I-M-E" and not limes.

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