Saturday, March 16, 2013

After the Big Haul - More Loot!

I think I got nicer items from the Sale yesterday. I actually didn't tell you that I was sorta regretting falling in line for the cashiers right away on the first day. I breezed through the store, forgetting that I won't be able to drive off until 10am, and wasted an hour waiting by the deli instead.

There were actually a few items I missed. Some, thankfully, were still in stock at S&R BGC when my gf G and I shopped there Thursday night. There was a good, albeit useless, buy at S&R Congressional that first day though, and they sold out a few hours after the store opened - the body pillow (not the fluffy kind), which was on sale, 50% off at P299.95! Bah! Oh well, I didn't need one. I got the nice, fluffy ones for A and myself from September's Members' Treat.

Anyway, I didn't buy much at S&R BGC. Just thought I'd bring my gf G to shop since she wasn't a member. I did get Captain Crunch Cereal because this was out of stock already at Congressional. I saw a set of frying pans on sale for P500+, and thought I wanted it. Good thing I didn't get it because I needed something deeper. So when I took my officemates to shop at Congressional yesterday, I found something better! Anyway, here are the other things I got from Members' Treat...

My S&R Bonifacio Global City Loot

Kirkland Vitamin E 400 I.U. 500 Softgels, On Sale at P599.95 
Saw this at Congressional after we paid. Good thing BGC still had it.

Farcent Disposable Dehumidifier 4-pk, On Sale at P119.95
Another one of those I overlooked on the first day.

Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries 2 bags, On Sale at P299.95
Out of Stock at Congressional, thanks to the Early Bird Sale!
This is my kids' favorite cereal! Thankfully, the cheapest.

Pik-Nik Ketchup Fries, On Sale at P94.95
This is RL's favorite snack. He's the only one who eats this.

T.G.I.Friday's Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins, On Sale at P169.95
A last-minute purchase because I was sad I didn't get chocolates.
LOL! Labo ba? We're trying to cut down on sweets. So ito nalang. Haha.

Member's Selection Caesar Dressing 32oz, On Sale at P149.95
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 44oz, On Sale at P129.95
I know I don't need the dressing as we make our own with CO brand, but I wanted to try this.
RL loves Ketchup! I hoarded last time only to find that the shelf life is less than a year. So got 1 only.

I also bought some Veggies on sale. Plus another one of those 4-ft Residential Fold-in-Half tables. My friend G bought a lot! Her haul filled up our cart. Hehe.

My 3rd Day Loot from S&R Congressional

Artiva Bella Lamp, On Sale at P379.95
Originally P499.95. This is perfect for A's room. That is, once we fix it up. Hehe.

Anchor Bamboo Cutlery Tray, On Sale at P179.95
This cutlery tray will go into my accessory drawer. For rings, bracelets and necklaces.
Saw something similar on Pinterest, and I'm glad to have found a nice one! 

Soft Essences Ultra-Soft Foam Bath Mat, Buy 1 Take 1 at P399.95
I will not use these as Bath Mats though. Instead, they will go beside the beds.

Little Hug Fruit Barrels Original Variety Pack 40 Bottles, On Sale at P329.95
I know, more sugar. But this comes out to just P8.00+ per bottle. I didn't see this on the first day. 

And THAT best buy I was telling you about?

Sandra by Sandra Lee 6-qt Hard Anodized Jumbo Cooker, On Sale at P599.95
Only P600! Can you believe it? So beautiful! I'm glad I didn't buy those frying pans.

I also got a 96oz jug of California Sunshine Fresh Milk that was on sale at P269.95. That's P50 off! Then more veggies and more of those gummies for RL.

I was supposed to go back today with my in-laws but my MIL isn't feeling too good after a long morning at the doctor's office. So next sale nalang. I'm still trying to convince KY to go with me, so I can get laundry detergent for my officemates (out of stock already at Congressional!). If not, then I guess it's 'til next Members' Treat na then!


The S&R Members' Treat ends tomorrow! If you haven't checked out their great deals, go visit a store today!

If you missed my big haul post, click here.

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