Friday, March 15, 2013

After the Chaos.

The S&R Sale started Wednesday morning. I initially thought I'd be alone fighting the crowds, as I couldn't imagine taking our nanny AND the three kids (RL and the nanny's two girls). A has exams this week. But last week, A came home really excited because her school declared Wednesday as Home Study/ Rest day (teehee, maybe some of the teachers wanted to go to Members' Treat, too. LOL). She had AP and Filipino exams for Thursday, so we agreed to take her notes and study while waiting in line.

So yes. We woke up really, really early.

We left for S&R Congressional waaaayyyy before the sun came up. When our alarm went off (I shall not tell you guys what time, because I don't want you think we're cray), I was actually thinking we had loads of time to spare. In fact, with that in mind, A and I decided to drive thru McDonald's for breakfast baon, so we don't starve while waiting for the store to open.

The empty lot at... secret (!) o'clock. LOL!
Too early, and yet, about 50pax already in line ahead of us.
When we got to Congressional, there was a short queue of people and cars outside the main gate, as they still weren't letting people in. I thought it was wise to just wait in the car, as I didn't want A to join the queue along the sidewalk. A few minutes later, they started letting people in. I let A fall in line as I went to park the car. It was way too early and yet, when I joined A, there were about 50 people in line ahead of us. My, we weren't the only cray ones there!

After about 30 minutes, they moved the queue beside the building entrance. People started coming, probably thinking they were early, only to find out, they weren't quite that early. LOL!

This was how far we were from the entrance.
The queue at about 5am. And you think you were early?!
Armed with our step-stools, water bottles, Mickey D's sandwiches, mosquito repellent, and A's AP book and notes (plus the iPad, in case we got bored), we were ready to wait. A found it awkward to be studying in line. Everyone in front of us were staring as I explained the AP text in English. LOL! But that was my condition - we can go only if she studies while waiting. Besides, we started only when the sun came up. The rest of the time, I spent playing Carrot Fantasy on RL's iPad. Hehe.

You know how, when you need something done, time just flies? Well, time flew. And by the time 645am came along, they started letting people in! Too bad for those who sent drivers and helpers to queue for them during the wee hours, because they weren't there when shopping hour came along. Ha!

Hello, Mr. Sun!
A lot of patient people in line this year. I didn't hear any yelling or bickering.
Except maybe for the guy behind us, but that's because he stopped a lady from cutting into queue.
The scene right before they started letting people in...
The great thing about being really, really early is you get first dibs on limited stock items, plus you get to shop fast. There weren't many carts in line for the cashiers when we decided to fall in line at around 730am (yes, we were that fast). I told A that we were sticking to necessities this sale, so we went with a list! I know, Mia, who am I kidding, right? LOL! But really, I think I did pretty well.

The cashier lines at 730am thereabouts.
There was only 1 cart ahead of us, but they took a while to ring up since the cashier had to go on a potty break. Hehe.
The store at 9am. They added a couple of cashiers at the end. The wait wasn't so bad. Well, at least for us.
Our car was coded so we waited another hour. The crowd wasn't so bad. I say, last September was crazier.  But then, we were really early this time, and I guess that was an advantage in itself.

The crowd outside (around 930am). Like I said, it wasn't as bad as September.
It took us a while to load our loot, because our nanny forgot to empty the trunk. Nyar. That, plus there were a lot of cars on the lot, vying for spaces as customers left. But yea, it was a morning well spent.

My first day S&R loot. Yes, you read that right. First day. I went again last night. And again, today, with my officemates.

After getting our passports from the Korean Embassy yesterday, my gf G and I decided to check out S&R BGC. There wasn't a line going in, and there weren't as much shoppers as I had expected. Lines were organized, but I noticed that stocks weren't as plenty as that first day at Congressional (maybe because the  first day crowd at BGC bought 'em all?).

The BGC crowd. See... happy people. I love it when only the patient shopaholics shop. Haha!
It's fun shopping with someone as patient as I am. G and I took our time checking out the items on sale, and had dinner after.

Doing what we do best. LOL!
I am expecting that the crowds will be wilder tonight and on the weekend, today being the 15th and all. But yes, I went back earlier with my officemates. And yes, I shall be back tomorrow with the in-laws. I love S&R, and I guess you can call it my happy place.

What about you? What was Members' Treat like for you this time around?

PS. I think "Early Wednesday" is an understatement. We may have gone to line up late Tuesday. LOL! Okay, okay, just kidding.

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  1. No kidding, I love your loot posts hehehehe (although hindi pa ito yung loot post, so I'm waiting for that!).


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