Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Early Bird is... Early (Part 1).

Yes, folks. I have started shopping. I can't help it. Thursday, after my quick drop off for our visas at the Korean Embassy (yes, we're going to Korea!), I took my assistant G on a quick trip to S&R BGC. I had flashbacks of how this and that ran out of stock during past Members' Treats and so I found myself loading my cart with a few items. Eeps. Thank goodness a lot of the good stuff are already on Early Bird Sale. I am not sure if their prices will go any lower on Wednesday, but all is good. I am a happy S&R camper.

Thinks to self while munching on a Strawberry and Cheese Strudel (which incidentally is on Early Bird Sale at P129.95 for 15 pieces): I could shop here everyday.

We initially were just planning to have lunch. But I went around anyway to snap some photos (which incidentally, you can't do pala in-store, oops. Sorry to Ate Guard who told me, after I snapped over a dozen photos of items I wanted to make sure were in my cart next week. Yes, photos are handy! That way, I can have A look for the item, too! Hehe.

If you still haven't heard about it, S&R's Members' Treat is happening next week, from the 13th til the 17th of March. And if you aren't one for falling in line and doing all that crazy hoarding with a thousand others, here's good news for you. They have an Early Bird Sale. Avail of some popular Members' Treat items at Members' Treat Yes, NOW. MAINTENANT. TODAY. AUJOURD'HUI.

But of course the big shebang happens on Wednesday. But like I said, if patience isn't your thing, do yourself (and everyone else) a favor, and go to the Early Bird Sale instead. Believe me when I say, after over 5 years of going to this event, I've seen many hotheaded folks getting worked up unnecessarily. Even because of very small, trivial things. This sale isn't for the short-tempered, impatient one. If you are one or the other, or both, but you really want to check out Members' Treat on their sale dates, DON'T GO ON THE FIRST DAY.

So anyway, let me share some of those Early Bird Sale photos with you. I am splitting this post into two parts. This preview is for non-food items. Yes, there are just too many photos (Read: Too many great deals, argh!)!

These soap packs are already on sale.
But I prefer Ivory and Safeguard, those go on sale on Wednesday!
Some of the hair products are already on sale.
Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo or Conditioner, Before P399.95; SALE P299.95 each.
Suave Professional Sleek Shine Shampoo or Conditioner, Before P599.95; SALE P499.95 each.
I am definitely getting this for RL! Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath & Wash, Before P399.95; SALE P299.95
BUY 1 TAKE 1 on the Colgate Dora Kiddie Toothpaste, P179.95!
My kids both inherited R's allergic rhinitis. Nasal sprays are a constant in our home.
Before P1,099.95; SALE P899.95
My brother has a drawer full of Nyquil. He loves these!
Before P1,119.95; SALE P899.95
The usual household cleaning and care stuff on sale!
BioZip Laundry Detergent 4kg, Before P369.95; SALE P249.95
Member's Selection Bath Tissue 20 rolls, Before P699.95; SALE P499.95
Zip Dishwashing Liquid 3L, BUY 1 TAKE 1 P299.95
Proforce Pink Lotion Dish Detergent, Before P379.95; SALE P299.95
Onwards Kitchen Towels 8 rolls, Before P349.95; SALE P249.95 
American Home Coffee Maker, Before P679.95; SALE P529.95
I've always wanted a Tower Fan! Before P3,299.95; SALE P2,299.95
Printed Rainbow Plush Pillow, Before P599.95; SALE P399.95
During the last Members' Treat, the plush toys were such a hit!
These huge bears are on sale! Before P799.95; SALE P499.95!
These I absolutely had to buy right away!
Fruit of the Loom Ankle or No Shows, Boys or Girls 10-pc pack, Before P399.95; SALE P349.95
A lot, and I mean, A LOTTTTT of items for the home and kitchen on sale now.
Upper row (L-R): Cutting Board galore! Mulberry Index Cutting Boards 5in1, Before P899.95; SALE P699.95
Non-skid Mulberry Cutting Board, Before P499.95; SALE P349.95
Mulberry Set of 3 Bamboo Cutting Boards, Before P499.95; SALE P379.95
Middle Row (L-R): CW Rockford Drinking Glasses 10-pc, Before P399.95; SALE P249.95
Gibson Everyday Tuxedo Deluxe 20-pc set, Before P999.95; SALE P599.95
Ecoguard 5.5inch Non-Stick Aluminum Mini Fry Pans 2-pc pack, Before P499.95; SALE P349.95
Bottom Row (L-R): Rubbermaid Premier Canisters 18-pc set, Before P999.95; SALE P799.95
Anchor Fire-King 4-pc Bake Set/ Anchor 3-pc Bake and Take Set, Before P799.95; SALE P599.95
Rubbermaid Refill Reuse Tumbler Value Pack 4pc, Before P499.95; SALE P349.95
Clockwise from left: Elements Over-the-door Mirror, Before P699.95; SALE P499.95
Snapware 3-Layer Storage Bins, Before P299.95; SALE P219.95
Rubbermaid Clever Store 71Qt Bin, Before: P599.95; SALE P449.95 / 41Qt Bin, Before: P399.95; SALE P319.95KHC Mesh Wire Wastebasket, BUY 1 TAKE 1 P399.95 / Plastic Character Trash Bins, Before P199.95; SALE P149.95
Gimi Jolly Cloth Dryer 18meters, Before P899.95; SALE P649.95 / With Wheels, Before P1,399.95; SALE P999.95
Intex Easy Set Pool 10' x 30", Before P5,699.95; SALE P3,499.95
Left: Keter Funtivity Play House, Before P9,999.95; SALE P8,499.95
: Keter My Garden Play House, Before: P7499.95; SALE P5,999.95
Front: Little Tikes Adventure Swing Set, Before P27,999.95; SALE P22,999.95
: Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set, Before P31,999.95; SALE P26,999.95
Front: Wicker Bistro Set 3-pc, Before P18,999.95; SALE P14,999.95
: Bellaire Patio Set 4-pc, Before P59,999.95; SALE 51,999.95
I didn't take photos of the tables anymore, since that always goes on sale each Members' Treat anyway.

Funny thing that happened earlier today: My boss, S, sent me a text telling me about the Early Bird Sale at S&R.

Boss: K, early bird sale at S&R. A lot of Buy 1 Take 1 and Sale items. Hehe, just went there. What's happening on March 13? More Sale items?
K: I already went there Thursday. Ako pa mahuhuli. LOL!
Boss: You're still going on the 13th?
K: Of course!

The photos are getting me extra excited. I can't wait for Wednesday! A has exams this week, so we are in the middle of Science and Language. I shall try to post part two tonight.

S&R Members' Treat
13-17 March 2013

Shopping na!

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