Sunday, March 3, 2013

RL Funnies: A-B-C!

I took the kids to Centris Walk yesterday - it was SaturKIDSday. SaturKIDSday happens when I feel I've been so detached from home - mainly because of work, and then sometimes because I get so out of whack.

So anyway, the kids got to ride Wowowheels as much as they wanted to (we had unlimited vouchers) and got on the bungee gym for three minutes each. Pretty soon, they were spent and wanted drinks.

We went to nearby Chatime for some Chocolate Mousse drinks. While waiting for our drinks, RL declares we were to play a game. "A-B-C! A-B-C! Let's play the game where we say words with the letters!" My mom always plays this game with him to help him with patience (this game to while away time so he doesn't notice and gets bored). So ok, we were about to play when he told us his rules. 1st round, animal names; 2nd, fruits; 3rd, veggies.

K: "Ok, I go first. A! Animal, anteater."
RL: "Great job, mommy! My turn! B! Fruit... Uh... (Shrugs)"
A: "Fruit, RL!"
RL: "I don't know!"
A: "B! Buuuuhhh... You know, your favorite fruit!"
RL: "B? Buuuuhhh... Ah! B-ango!"

Lol! Pang-Eat Bulaga anak ko!

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