Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Geared Up for Tomorrow!

It's a bit past 1am, and I can't sleep. Let's just say I'm anxious and at the same time too excited for Wednesday (technically tomorrow, but there's still a full day ahead since Tuesday just started). What's happening, you say? Well it's just the first day of Members' Treat at S&R!!! Are you ready with your game plan? I know I am. Well, sort of...

See, my nanny's son is graduating on Wednesday. She just left 4 hours ago to spend tomorrow and all of Wednesday with her family. As much as I need her for tomorrow's sale, I can't let her miss her eldest son's graduation! So because we've done this before (March of last year, to be exact), I am attempting to do a take two - I'm taking the kids. Yes, good luck to me.  But hey, I'm no newbie; we're practically experts at this! Yes, those 4 months of not having a nanny sure honed my skills at being the lone adult to two kids below the age of 10. Woosah! I can do this!

Here's what to expect at tomorrow's SALE!

Perfect time to change your old sheets! BUY 1, TAKE 1 on US Sheet Sets!
Also check out great discounts on Pillows, Rugs, and other household linen...
Up to 50% on selected apparel! 
And of course, those Lifetime tables!
My brother has been waiting for this month's SALE so he can get these tables for the office.
Mmmm... I can already guess which ones my kids would get.
NOTE: Ringcake variants are different for Cebu and Pampanga.
CEBU variants: B1T1 US Vanilla with Choco Truffle Ringcake/ B1T1 US Choco Brownie  Ringcake
PAMPANGA variants: B1T1 US Blueberry Ringcake/ US Glazed Choco Ringcake
Get S&R GCs when you purchase tires for your vehicles!
Plus! Here's a preview of some of this SALE's best deals...

THE COOL BAR. We got one of these last year (for my folk's backyard) except that last year's Cool Bar came in white/creme. This one's a cool apple green/gray. iWant!

Save space with the Cool Bar - Deck Table and Cooler in one! 
Original Price: P3,999.95 MEMBERS' TREAT PRICE: P2,499.95! (SAVE P1,500.00!)
BATH TOWELS. You could never have too many towels! (Ok, maybe sometimes, it happens. Especially when you have a mom who loves stocking up on these... LOL!)

Tons of towels on sale. These ones are P219.95 each!
SOAP. If there's one thing (Ok, not exactly one, maybe more like a dozen per!) I buy during Members' Treat, this would be it. S-O-A-P. Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Soap, Cream Cleansers, Liquid Hand Soap, Shampoos, Bath Soaps... you get the picture.

Antabax 4+1 packs are Buy 1, Take 1 during Members' Treat! SALE PRICE: B1T1, P139.95
Irish Spring, 6-pack are also Buy 1, Take 1; SALE PRICE: B1T1, P349.95
Do check out other soap brands and personal care items also on sale from March 28 to April 1!
Ok, ok... who am I kidding? Lone adult? I must be crazy! That's it! I'm dragging KY to this! LOL!

Hyperventilating now? I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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