Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I know, I know. I still have that other blog, and I haven't posted in almost a year. It takes time to blog, and reality is... a single mom's job means kids first. Really, the past year has been nothing less than busy. So excuse the absence on the Count Your Blessings blog, I shall try to get back online soon. Maybe the new phone can help, at least it will be easier with all these new apps that allow you to post pics and content online with one click.

Anyway, summer's almost here (if it isn't already) and it means purging! Purging the closet, I mean (and the cupboards, the toy boxes, the garage and the attic). My kids have accumulated a ton (and I do mean a ton!) of stuff (both new and preloved) they no longer need. So here's another blogger site I'm launching soon. If you're interested in helping us get rid of some things we used to love (still love, but sadly, no space), check out Preloved - Shop From My Closet! in the next few weeks.

We're still sorting (on hold this week because of exams) but I should be able to post a few in the next week or so. So do check it out!

http://prelovedphilippines.blogspot.com - Shop From My Closet!

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