Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walk on Sunshine...

... with the new McFloat Summer Medley flavors from McDonald's.

Only P29 for the regular-sized Summer Medley flavors (Regular Coke Float is still P25).
Want more? Monster-size it! P45 for the new floats, P40 for the Monster-sized Coke Float. 

Don't these look refreshing? Ah!
I was driving to work the other day and decided to get myself brunch from the McDonald's Drive-Thru. I was surprised to see new floats on their menu board - The NEW McFloat Summer Medley. Because it was too early for dessert, I made a mental note to try one in the afternoon. Lucky me, my office is a stone's throw away from McDonald's Quezon Avenue. It was hot that day, so it was the perfect excuse to fit in a float (or two!) for merienda (I actually upgraded my cheeseburger meal to get the float, but shhh, don't let my diet know, LOL). I tried the new Blueberry Sprite McFloat. Mmm, t'was good.

That was Wednesday afternoon. The next day, when I took A to the office with me because we had to "review" for Friday's last day of exams, we drove-thru for more. We tried the Green Apple Sprite McFloat. Mmmm. Sooo good, too. Nothing like a great thirst-quencher for the hot, humid summer months!

A refreshing medley for the summer - The new McFloat Summer Medley flavors!
From Left to Right: Four Seasons Sprite, Honey Banana Sprite, Green Apple Sprite and Blueberry Sprite.
And just when I thought the Blueberry and Green Apple flavors were my faves, today, A and I got to try all four McFloat Summer Medley flavors - Blueberry Sprite (A's favorite), Green Apple Sprite, Four Seasons Sprite, and Honey Banana Sprite (surprisingly sooooooooo good, although I must admit I wasn't so sure at first. But it is NOW my official favorite summer drink). What's more is today, we also found out about McDonald's newest brand ambassador - Xian Lim! Yes, Binondo Girl cutie-boy-next-door, the Xian Lim.

This poster should have read: Xian & McDonald's, Perfect Summer Combo. Teehee.
I think McDonald's chose the perfect celebrity endorser for their newest offering, because Xian is such a hottie, you're gonna want to cool off each time you see him on the telly. And what better way to cool off than with these new, refreshing McFloat Summer Medley flavors... Want to know what I mean? Watch this:

Xian can walk on sunshine with me anytime. LOL! Seriously, the new floats are fun drinks, and Xian's youthfulness and fun image matches McDonald's new products to the T. I mean, Xian is love and McDo is Love Ko 'To, right? Haha! (ang corny ko!)

What a charmer this new McDonald's Brand Ambassador is! I love this photo, by the way.
Margot Torres, VP for Marketing and Communications of McDonald's Philippines, sums it up when she said, "Summer is all about fun and excitement. Bonding with friends is more fun with great food and cool music. With McFloat Summer Medley, McDonald's is sure to become a favorite destination this season."

Right on she is! It's always, ALWAYS great to share a meal with A. She loves McDonald's Chicken McDo, she can eat that everyday (for real!). Now we can even upgrade our drinks to the new floats (just add P20 to your meal to change your regular drink to the new McFloat Summer Medley). I can already see how often we'll be at McDonald's this summer!

A's favorite McDonald's meal - the Chicken McDo, a Philippines exclusive. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!
A, with the original and legendary brand ambassador of Mickey Ds - Ronald McDonald himself!
(Hi to John Bueno aka Kumagcow, who makes it to this photo as well)
And I'm sure you already KNOW how good Fries go with Floats (the perfect snack combo!), right? Because right now, at almost 3 in the morning, I am craving for a Honey Banana Sprite McFloat and Medium Fries (only P55 for the combo! + P40 because McDelivery is LOVE - they deliver 24 hours, including the floats and desserts)! Don't you just love McDonald's?

Float and Fries = NOM!
How cute is this guy?
WIN!!! Be Our Guest cards from McDonalds!
Tweet @mcdo_ph and tell them why you think #XIANlovesMcDo and why you love McDo too!
Don't forget the hash tag!   
A "family" photo for the road. Hehe.
See, Ate, it isn't a standee. He's the real thing. LOL!

Xian Lim gives me more reason to say "McDonald's... Love Ko 'To!"

McFloat Summer Medley is available in all McDonald's stores nationwide via Dine-In, Take-Out or Drive-Thru. Enjoy these new floats anytime, anywhere, by calling McDelivery service 8-MCDO (8-6236) or by visiting!/mcdo_ph 

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