Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In recent years, I have noticed that merchandisers and buyers do not care if they are selling the real thing or replicas (read: fake goods) in their stores. I don't know if DTI folks are watching, or if they are doing anything to protect consumers and brands, but it is disheartening that even the big stores (non-tiangges) have resorted to being pirates.

Even my brother's business Get Blued isn't exempt from pirates. Fake shirts have been seen being sold at this mass market department store. My brother and his partner called the attention of the store only to be told that they will no longer order from their supplier once the shirts sell out.

A few months ago, I received an email with a photo (one that circulated on social network sites) of a replica bag being sold at, of all places, a high-end department store chain. I mean, why? I'm sure these merchandisers know it isn't the real thing, and I am sure that their fashionista merchandisers handling clothes and other non-food brands would know these are replicas, if not similar to designs of big brands.

Today, I saw this on Facebook.

Skip*Hop Replicas. If these were original, it would have said so. 
I don't get it. You're pretty much a big department store. Hey, you're the biggest in the Philippines! Why promote the sale of pirated goods? O_o

If the Department of Trade and Industry cannot control even the big stores from selling fake products (or in this case, using them as promotional items), who's saying how they regulate anything?

See the original Skip*Hop bags here. Is this piracy? You tell me. Hey, Big fish, WHY?

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  1. hi kaye, your bro can sue for unfair competition even if the store is "just selling". :)


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