Friday, March 23, 2012

Draw Something!

Draw Something!
It's the new Temple Run (although I never really got attached much to that app, but you know what I mean), Draw Something! -- the app making waves nowadays. Zynga, social network game giant, reportedly purchased the company behind Draw Something, OMGPop, for P200million. I am not surprised. With the rising popularity of Draw Something! -- hitting Top App (both Top Purchased and Top Free) in just six weeks since its launch, someone's sure to take notice.

Look at me. I am soooooo addicted. If I used to stay up blogging (yes, excuse the partial absence), then this app has taken its place. ADDICTED. And so are my friends. Right now, I have more or less 20 active games with friends all over the world.

That's the great thing about this app. You get to play against a friend from the other side of the globe. Never mind if it's 2am in Australia, or 12mn in Japan, chances are, your friend's up and addicted as well. LOL! The funny thing about this game is that there is no competition. You do not play for points or rank. YOU JUST PLAY. It's similar to Pictionary, only this one's a 2-player online game.

How do you play?

Once you have the app, it's easy. You have the option of linking the app to your Facebook page and find friends who are already playing. Then you create a game with them.

Create a game, or choose from friends already addicted... er... playing.
You start by choosing one word from a list of 3.

Choose the word you think you can draw best. 
Then draw that word for your friend. Click DONE when done with your drawing. Then wait. Or go on with your day's work (if no one else is playing against you). Your phone should prompt or notify you once you have a new game pending. You click and see your friend guess the word you drew for him/ her.

Hard to guess, so I wrote "besties 4 life" to mean "BFF" 
Then go on to guess his/ her drawing for you. It's that simple.

Watch your friend draw...
...and guess the word!
Because the game is called Draw Something, don't be a killjoy by writing down the answers. My first few random games were not as fun. The other player (strangers that the game randomly picked from somewhere across the pacific) would write down the answer! Also, you DO have to draw something. They would have called it something else if you didn't have to actually draw. (LOL! Sioti KR, sorry, I used your "drawing" as an example, hihi, peace!).

LOL! Draw Something! I couldn't stop laughing when I got this.

Here are some of my Draw Something "Works of Art". LOL!

Simple apple drawing... (but yes, I had to draw the worm)
Wala lang, I wanted to draw something that actually looked like a parrot. Well, sort of.
Because it was easier to draw SPONGEbob over drawing just the sponge.

Nyar. Now that I think about it, I don't even know what's addicting about this game. It just is. Sooooooo addicting. Better than Temple Run, I say (but that's just me). See, almost everyone's playing.

So excuse me now, I have to go Draw Something. :)

On an iPhone? Get the full version of Draw Something here. Or the FREE version here.
On an Android? Check out Draw Something on Google Play! 

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