Monday, March 12, 2012


It's finals week for my A, and I can already tell how stressful this week is going to be. But we're trying not to sweat it. Yesterday, we went on with our usual routine. One thing I've learned through the years is that you can't sweat the small stuff. Of course, education isn't small stuff, but I'd rather have a peaceful week than one riddled with the hee-haws.

There was a time when I'd really get stressed trying to get my daughter to breeze through reviews. I mean, I remember how stressed my mom used to get when it came to me and my brothers. But that's just it, I no longer want to sacrifice joy for anger and stress. I must admit that there were times in the past when I'd get furious because A doesn't seem interested in getting high grades. I mean, I always went for the gold growing up. I was an over-achiever. *facepalm*

But I realized that A loves school anyway, and she's really smart - although a tad lazy. She gets bored easily and would rather read and write. Come to think of it, she's so like me! Haha! Maybe I've been pushing her too hard...

So this week, we're taking it easy. Lord, extra grace, please? 

I couldn't find a strip with Wanda. But you get the picture. Credit:
Original Strip here.


  1. may you find grace, strength and wisdom for a stressful week :)


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