Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Can't Believe It!

I was talking to R after the New Year holidays and mentioned how I wanted to go to this nearby country to work. On a recent trip there, I noticed the number of Filipinos working comfortably, and noted that a number of my friends have moved there as well.

That phone conversation lasted quite a while, with R asking me questions about this and that, mentioning that he has friends there, too, and if I thought he'd make it there. At 40, it would be easy if he had great skills. But who knows? This man has proven me wrong so many times in the past.


I called in sick today, because my chest hurts from too much dry coughing. Right before dinner, I get a call from an overseas number. I take one look, thinking it was a colleague from that country, and answered quickly. Hala! It turned out to be R! Apparently, he's been there for a week and is presently looking for work! What happened to that being MY dream? I can't believe it! This is how easy it is for someone without direct responsibilities to pack up and leave. I asked him about his things and he says he packed them in boxes and left it with his landlord for safekeeping. O_o

Oh well. I wish him well. I can only pray God leads him where He wants him to go. He allowed this to happen. So it must be His will. And my dream? Well, it's still on the drawing board. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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