Friday, March 2, 2012

Rainbow Pancakes!

I've been wanting to make rainbow cake since I see a lot of my friends making it. But alas, I do not have a working oven at home. The last one I sold to our warehouse receiving guy because I didn't have space for it here at our new home.

So when I saw this pinned on Pinterest, I knew it was the next best thing. Nothing like a rainbow to cheer you up on a gloomy day. I've been sick the past week. Yes, allergy season plus the weird weather change has me coughing like a dog. Anyway, since I felt a tad better when I woke up this afternoon, I made this to welcome A from school.

It's easy. Especially if you're making pancakes from a box. You just need extra patience when mixing colors and cooking, as you have to put in six times the effort. Haha!


What you need:
Regular pancake recipe or a box mix
McCormick Food Coloring
Six small bowls

How tos:
1) Prepare pancake batter as directed on box. (LOL!) Or.... prepare as directed on make-from-scratch recipe. (Double LOL).
2) Separate batter into six equal parts, in bowls.
3) Mix each part into different colors of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. If you don't know how to get orange and purple, google it. Haha. If you're using the same McCormick food color set I did (see picture), it has instructions on the pack.
4) Cook pancake and style as such (see photosssssssssss...).

My rainbow batter separated into rainbow-colored IKEA bowls. 

Cooking the blue pancake.

Cooked RL a rainbow train with the leftover batter. Used a silicon mold. You can get this at Daiso or Saizen.
Got ours from Jusco 10 in Hong Kong a few years ago. Works well with eggs, too.

Makes you wanna make one, too, huh? :) The photos alone make me happy.


  1. Loveeeet! That's looks awfully fun to make. Admittedly, im running out of good ideas for breakfast and snacks. This might just get M to eat more =) Thanks for sharing Kaye!

  2. Oh and I hope you don't mind I cross-posted your photo on my blog =) Natuwa ako super. Hehe.

  3. No worries, Iris! I hope you and M have as much fun making and eating these like we did. :)

  4. My kids will go crazy when I make them these. :-) Thanks for the wonderful idea!


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