Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy Frenzy at S&R Members' Treat!

If you missed the prelude to this post, read all about it here

Members' Treat at S&R has always, always been wild. I didn't post an entry about the September sale last year, because I didn't even know how to start telling everyone how I killed my wallet. And I did. I think I murdered it over 5x that time. I bought Christmas gifts, party stuff, a cube system shelf, and loads of home cleaning materials - so much so... I didn't buy much this sale (ok, my definition of much). Seriously, last September's sale made me feel like a hoarder (you know those shows they show on Bio, yeah, that was me).

So with this one, I made sure I didn't hoard as much (again, my definition of much). I limited my cleaning stuff to around 6 months' worth (enough to last us through the next Members' Treat) and the rest to what I thought I could afford. Overall, I probably spent 60% less than what I did last time. So that means, I only killed my wallet twice. Figures, I've only visited the sale two times (Two times? Oh yes, I went to check out the Fort branch earlier), plus I'm skipping Friday, Saturday, and I'm not so sure about Sunday (only because we're off on a company outing later today, teehee).

Here are some of the great deals I got at this week's Members' Treat at S&R:

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo 1.18L with Bonus 250ml, P449.95; Secret Invisible Solid, B1T1 P299.95;
Kotex Lightdays Liners 270ct, P599.95; Suave Kids Coconut Smoothers in Pump, P149.95 each;
Softsoap Clear Hand Soap with Bonus Pump, P249.95
Joy Ultra Lemon Dishwashing Soap 90oz, P299.95; Bio Zip Laundry Powder 4 Kg (all variants), P249.95;
Zip Dishwashing Liquid 900ml, B1T1 P104.95; Febreze Green Tea Citrus Room Spray, B1T1 P99.95   
Safeguard White with Aloe 8 bars, B1T1 P349.95; Onwards Kitchen Towel 8 rolls, P249.95/ pack;
Zip All Purpose Cleaner 1.8L, P119.95; Ivory Aloe Vera Soap 10 bars, B1T1 P349.95;
Hometrend Bath Mat/ Rug 20x30, P149.95  
Kirkland Vegetable Oil 5quarts, P499.95; Member's Selection Canola Oil 5l, P549.95
We buy these every SALE! Libby's Vienna Sausage 18cans, P419.95; Nesquik Chocolate Milk Mix, P429.95 
Kirkland Vitamin C 1000mg 500ct, P849.95
One of my favorites at this SALE! Rubbermaid TakeAways 62-piece set with crate, P999.95
Another fave purchase! Good thing my kids convinced me they'd share, LOL! Crayola Creativity Art Tub, P1,099.95
I'm happy this went on SALE again! Sistema Klip It Meat Keeper, P199.95;
Klip It to GO Microwavable Soup Mug, P99.95
S&R Congressional didn't have this Wednesday. I found this at The Fort yesterday.
Lock & Lock Bowl 6pc set, P279.95 - another great purchase!
These, plus that shelving unit (P1899.95) for A. It's still sitting in my car, so no photo. I also have loads of linen already, so I didn't even bother checking out the pillows, bed spreads, comforters, towels, etc.

Overall, S&R was and is INDEED worth the trouble. You just have to have loads of patience and a big, fat wallet. Keep a defibrillator handy, in case you have to revive your wallet. ;) Hihihi.

S&R's Members' Treat runs from March 28 through April 1, 2012. Happening at all branches, including Pampanga and Cebu. Wanna be updated with SALES such as this? Like S&R on Facebook here


  1. that seems like a great buy!! :D i love the crayola the most :D

  2. bought lots of chips, chocolates, canned goods, juices and a couple of ice cream too! :D i love it when they go on sale.

  3. Wow, cool stuff =) It pays to be patient and all =)

  4. There having a early bird sale , saw it in this blog this morning .

  5. Hi! I also bought the Rubbermaid Takeaways and until now I'm using them. Love, love, love S&R's Sale!

  6. Hi! I also bought the Rubbermaid Takeaways and until now I'm using them! Love, love, love S&R's Sale! See you next year! =)


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