Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Ready!

This is happening TOMORROW, September 26 thru the 30th at ALL Branches, including Cebu and Pampanga!

The S&R Members' Treat SALE is happening tomorrow! Unlike past sale events, I am trying to keep my budget low (who am I kidding?). Last week, I had asked the good folks at S&R about what this month's Members' Treat has to offer the regulars (yes, in other words, the shopaholics!). This is what they sent me yesterday...

Cheaper than the previous Member's Treat!

Slightly cheaper than the last Sale. Yay! I love towels!

I will actually be at S&R tomorrow to get the office some Lifetime Tables. Yes, official work. I love my job! However, we're leaving the house later than we did during the last SALE because A has school, and we have to wait 'til after she gets picked up by the bus. So yes, good luck to us on getting a good spot tomorrow.

We missed getting our choice of Lifetime Tables last March.

More Lifetime Tables on sale.

I hope they have more Bakery Items on Sale!
I wanna get Strudels and the Lava Cake!

These TV deals are so tempting! 

Great Savings in time for the holidays!

But yes, we're ready. We're even making ourselves sandwiches and coffee for the long wait. I'm also going to charge the iPad, A's touch (for RL, in case the iPad batt runs out, which I doubt will happen) and the iPhone. Bringing a folding chair, a fan, hand sanitizer and water, too! Oh yes, we are ready!

Here are a few reminders:
1) Bring reusable bags or boxes (for those shopping in Alabang and Quezon City).
2) If two or more are using the member card, please note that the S&R member has to be present! Only the S&R member (and immediate family members, ex. spouse, with same surname) can pay using a credit card. Others "riding on" his or her card privileges must pay in cash. Also, I think S&R imposed a limit to two transactions per member card.
3) Make a list if you're doing early Christmas shopping, lest you want to overbuy (which I always end up doing, even with a list! LOL)
4) Bring a cooler or an insulated bag if you plan on getting milk and ice cream. Keep in mind that the lines are long getting in and out of the store.
5) If you're coming late in the morning, bring an umbrella. It can get scorching hot at 7am if you are directly under the sun. Plus, it might rain.
6) BE PATIENT. I cannot stress this enough. If you are lacking in patience, please stay home.



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(I realize now that I failed to blog about the September 2011 Sale. Oh well.)

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