Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double Check!

See, I really AM a careful shopper. There are instances though, like any mom, that I get stressed and forget about checking. But normally, I always try to check my purchases. Countless times, I've found that I have been charged the wrong price. Happens in most supermarkets when the barcode and price signage has a different price as the actual item.

Take the S&R Members' Treat as an example. I had purchased two packs of Mamy Poko XXL Extra Dry diapers from the March 2012 Sale. The packs were on sale for P604.95 each. However, they charged me at regular price for the packs (and yes, I did notice this discrepancy at the cashiers, but they had advised me to bring the receipt to Customer Service as the lines were long). I brought my receipt to Customer Service where they found out the system price didn't reflect a discount. I had asked A to go back to take photos of the product and the price tag to solidify my claim that indeed the product was on sale.

In the end, which took less than 10 minutes (I know, hassle, but...), S&R gladly returned my P100.00 for the overcharge.

So see, it pays to check your receipts! 

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