Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plush Hoarder! (Part I)

I once took a pic of RL's room (which has somehow turned into a mini-playroom of sorts).

See, we don't live in a big house. The place we currently occupy is a decent, albeit tiny, townhouse somewhere in North QC. The best thing about this place is that we currently pay zero rent, as this place was up for sale, but my uncle decided to just let me stay in it for free. Yes, thank You, Lord, for my Uncle/ Ninong V, who thinks about me and my kids.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I once took a pic of RL's room, so I can show it to a friend. The photo later turned into a full-blown discussion on the number of Plush toys we have managed to collect all these years. Folks, when I say collect, I mean accumulate, and not just a pile but several piles.

Let me show you how much.

The Plush Stack, atop RL's plastic toy shelves. Purged recently. Yes.
The Barney Plush that fueled the conversation about hoarding Plush Toys.
New Plush Toys from a recent HK Trip in the Ikea bag and two jumbo bags.
Our old nanny decided this was the best place to keep all the kids' plush dust-free.
She filled the other cabinet, too!
RL's plush toys of the month. He sleeps with these. Currently: Pluto and Slinky.
These two have made my mini bedroom bookshelf their permanent residence.
A's stash, which she refuses to put away. She has to sleep with all of 'em. 
Minnie Mouse, out for washing. We have three of these, from Timezone.

If you think these are a lot, you should see the ones in the Attic. Stored in crates, boxes, comforter bags, regular bags, etc. I didn't have time to take photos earlier. So I shall write a second post on this. 

How'd we manage to collect this much? Well, my kids often go to Timezone, and they (we!) always win plush toys from the crane game. My youngest brother also donated his stash to my kids when they moved from the old condo to their new place.

I think we have more plush toys than clothes. Really, I think we do.

Yes, folks. We're (sadly) plush hoarders. This only means, we're purging again soon. Watch out for it on the Shop from My Closet site. Hopefully, soon.

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  1. Hehe, guilty din ako of this. Even old ones my mom bought me, nasa house where my dad lives now. Meron sa house nila Rodney and a couple here sa condo. :D And they all have names! :D


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