Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yes, more loot from S&R! As mentioned in my earlier blog, I took a quick trip with my officemates to S&R Congressional over lunch Friday. They had never been to S&R and it was my way of... uh...influencing them to be members. Hehe. I had purchased a couple of things then -- a dozen Jumbo Bounty Fresh eggs (huge ones!) - SALE PRICE: P79.95, and a carton of Captain Crunch Berries Cereal, 2 pack box - SALE PRICE: P319.95.

Aside from the quick second trip, I couldn't pass on checking out S&R Global City. So A and I went all the way to The Fort later that evening to check it out. We got to S&R at around 8pm, and got to park right away, as we saw a lady loading her things into her SUV (which took less than 5 minutes). There were about 10 people in line by the entrance waiting for available push carts. By 8:15pm, we were inside the store!

The lines to the cashier went pretty fast, too. Took us about 20 minutes, more or less. Last night's trip to S&R was very pleasant. I bumped into my friend and co-shopaholic (joke lang!) L and her hubby B, which was pretty funny since we were just talking earlier that day about maybe going back to S&R to check if they brought out new things. Hahaha! I was pretty embarrassed that I was caught in the act! We had a good laugh about it, and took a photo as evidence of our... er... patience to shop at sales. LOL!

True to my theory, each store has something different to offer. This store had things S&R Congressional never had. I suppose it's all about shopper demographics, but what do I know? LOL! I'm just here to shop!

Character Pillow Time Pals, Lightning McQueen.
I actually saw these earlier that day at S&R Congressional, but had to think it through before actually buying it. They also sold these in Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Spider Man. Also, bigger non-character versions (ex.pig, bear, etc) were sold at P249.95. They also sold actual 16" plush toys of Mickey and Minnie at P499.95 each on the first day of Members' Treat, but really, do we need more plush toys? LOL! 

Angry Birds Lenticular Puzzle.
The Disney Lenticular Puzzle Sets were on sale at BUY 1 TAKE 1, P199.95. RL has a ton of these puzzles, as he claims to be a master of Lenticular sets! He's 3 years old but can put together even the more complicated 150-pc Lenticular sets on his own. And he has most of the designs. We initially chose a Toy Story 3 box and this Angry Birds one, thinking they were Buy 1 Take 1. Alas, Angry Birds sets are sold individually! So I ended up getting him just this one. There are other bigger puzzle sets (floor puzzle mats, 3-in-1 sets, etc) on sale, but I didn't bother taking note of their sale prices, sorry!  

Extra Fluffy Restful Body Pillow.
Our body pillows badly need replacing. So A was more than excited that Momma agreed to get her this extra fluffy purple one. The Congressional store didn't have these. I'm wondering if they have any coming. These are heavenly! So soft and "restful" indeed! Momma got another one in green! Hehe.

50 + 6 Bic Ballpen Set.
A isn't allowed to use gel pens in school. So she was delighted to have spotted this when we entered the Fort store. At P149.95, each pen comes out to just P2.68 each! How crazy is that?

Aqua Gel Mildew-Proof Bath Mat.
I actually saw these under the welcome mats and rugs at S&R Congressional on the first day, but when I had asked, they couldn't give me the price, nor tell me if they were on sale. So I was happy to find they were actually on sale at S&R Fort! This was the last one in the display box. Yay!

Rove Lunch Box, 32oz.
I hoarded these, but didn't hoard enough. I should have gotten the whole pallet! LOL! This came in multi-colors -- pink, purple, green, white, blue and brown. Perfect Christmas Gifts for A's friends (I hope they don't read my blog, LOL!) This is actually the same brand as those tumblers. S&R Fort also sold bigger, two walled Create-your-own tumblers, but someone bought up the whole lot. There were pallets of tumblers stacked high on the top of the racks, but according to store personnel, they've all been sold. Sigh. I should really get in line at 3 in the morning next sale.

Sesame Street Baby Shampoo, Lavender, 10oz.
SALE PRICE: P74.95 each
This one wasn't at Congressional either. They have the Lotion version of this as well (same price), and also sold them in Original Scent. The Calming Lavender Scent smells so good! I think I'll go buy some more! LOL!

Lotte Aloe Original, 1.5L.
My dad loves this! So I figured I'd try it and see if I'll like it too. LOL! Honestly, this was an impulsive buy. Saw it under the cashier and thought I'd buy a bottle. Oops.

Dark Chocolate Raisinets, 11oz.
A Members' Treat favorite! Actually, I was going to splurge and try Brookside's Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry (SALE PRICE: P599.95), but thought better. I just needed to satisfy a tiny craving. This cheaper version will do. Hehehe.

I guess we were lucky to have shopped there Friday night. I'm glad we went. These were great buys, maybe even better than the ones I got on the first day. Maybe.

I love, love, LOVEEEEEEEE S&R!

You still have until 9pm today to catch S&R's Members' Treat. SALE ends Sunday, September 30. Don't miss it!

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