Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FINALLY! Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila!

My friend Ganns has been wishing on multitudes of stars for Wilson Phillips to do a concert in Manila. Months ago, we started a petition-of-sorts on Facebook, attempting to convince boss Stan to bring them over.

My little petition on Facebook to get our friend Stan to take notice and maybe bring them in. Hehe.

But Boss didn't take notice and we went back to our wishful-thinking selves. Ganns would say he never lost hope. Yeah. Alas, in July, Random Minds Production announced they were bringing Wilson Phillips to Manila, and Ganns went crazy (an understatement, but you get the picture).

I grew up listening to Wilson Phillips. But unlike Ganns, who owns practically every CD they ever released, I only own three on CD. Please excuse the emancipated adult story, but I took on many responsibilities as a teenager and couldn't afford the luxury. But yes, I love, love, LOVE Wilson Phillips! This has got to be the best news of 2012!

Wilson Phillips LIVE IN MANILA! October 12 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena!

When I went to the US for 12th grade, I took one CD with me. Just one CD - and it was Wilson Phillips' debut album. Like a crazed teenager, I memorized the songs and sang them with passion.

Today, KY looks at me like crazy when I scour the videoke song list for Wilson Phillips' songs. Not your generation, my dear, but mine.

"I'm not going back to you anymore.
Finally my weakened heart is healing though very slow.
So stop coming around my door, 
'Cause you're not gonna find what you're looking for."

Their song "Release Me" still holds meaning in my life today. I remember listening to this song and promising myself as a teenager that I've had enough of my boy problems. Alas, it still holds true. LOL! Seriously, their songs were part of my life, and I am excited to finally get to hear and see them LIVE!

See Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila on October 12 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! Get your tickets at SM Tickets, prices as follows:

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing Wilson Phillips LIVE! Kids, this all-female group brought us the popular songs Hold On, Release Me, You're In Love, Impulsive, and many more! The 90s will never be the same without them.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call 470.2222.
Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila

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