Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Zwei!

My neighbor C gave A a Super Zwei doll. Super Zwei is handmade with love by C's sister, Jacklyn Colmenares-Zapatos, who sews these dolls by hand. Jac owns I.AM.HANDMADE - a treasure trove of handmade, hand-sewn dolls and what-nots. Jac makes, designs and sews everything herself! This full-time, creative working mom has brought her passion for sewing to fruition with her handmade products.

I actually also love to sew. But sadly, I only get to finish projects when 1) I have nothing else to do and 2) I find time for it. So far, I've finished a cow costume for KY (back when she was 1!!!), a cool denim bag from my old pair of Marlboro Jeans, and two Cinnamoroll pillowcases for A's pillows. Ok, maybe I don't love sewing that much. But Jac? Jac sews with a passion!

The real super Zwei!
Recently, she designed, sewed and sold dozens of Super Zwei dolls to help a friend whose 10-year old son, Zwei, is battling Stage 2 Bone Cancer. Yes, this is the same Super Zwei doll A had received from Jac's sister. Turns out, Jac has sewn up batches of Super Zwei dolls to help raise funds for Zwei's chemotherapy.

Wow. 10-years of age and already battling the Big C. I cannot imagine what Zwei has to go through. I can only try to imagine how hard this must be on him and his parents.

So far, Jac has made and sold over 4 dozen Super Zwei dolls. Each doll is P250.00. Surely a round of chemotherapy costs more than that. After reading through her posts on Facebook, I realized I could help Jac get the word out. So yes, readers, I hope you find it in your heart to help.

Meet Super Zwei! Your P250.00 donation will help a 10-year old little boy battle the Big C! Plus you get this cool doll!

Super Zwei is a pint-sized Super Hero fighting the Big C! This 6-inch doll is handmade from canvas and fabric fill. He is also hand-drawn with Non-Toxic Fabric Pastel so you can be sure this is 100% safe for kids. Each doll is unique and handmade with love.

All proceeds from the Sale of each Super Zwei doll is for the benefit of Zwei and his chemotherapy sessions. Should you wish to help, you may order by sending Jac a message through the I.AM.HANDMADE page on Facebook.


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