Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great Buys from the Great S&R SALE!

I know you've been waiting for this post. And I also know it comes quite late. S&R's Members' Treat ends tomorrow. But yes, you still have one more day to catch the sale. So far, I've been back twice since Wednesday. I know, I know, such a shopaholic. But the second time there, I went to bring my officemates and only bought a tray of eggs and a carton of Captain Crunch cereal - that doesn't count, right? LOL!

This month's sale wasn't as I had expected. Last year, around this time, I shopped like crazy for Christmas gifts. This time around though, aside from the body care gift sets they always get for the Holiday season, S&R had the usual. I didn't bother getting cleaning stuff (ie. Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, etc) as I still have a lot (and I do mean a lot) from my last haul. Nevertheless, a visit to S&R is still something I always look forward to, and I'm sure you know what I mean when I say, it's so hard not to buy anything from that store. Members' Treat makes it doubly hard, as the savings outweigh the trouble. At least for me, it does.

I've noticed that although a lot of good deals do come out on the first day, it is always a treat to visit Members' Treat on succeeding days. I've noticed those huge container vans out back and realized they must have other great deals waiting for warehouse space. When I went back to S&R Congressional with my officemates yesterday, S&R had brought out toys and more offers (case in point, that Captain Crunch Cereal, which wasn't on sale on the first day). I've noticed this each Members' Treat, so when my budget permits, I try to visit again.

Anyway, on to my loot!

Kids' Bin Organizer - my BEST BUY this Members' Treat!
SALE PRICE: P2,799.95
I wasn't really planning on getting anything else. My main goal was to check if this Kids' Bin Organizer would be part of the sale. My brother and I had visited S&R before their Early Bird Treat to check out their "new items". If S&R has a ton of a particular product, days before Members' Treat, chances are, it'll be part of the sale. To my delight, they placed this on sale - at P1200 off, too!

Towel Stand.
I've been wanting to get a portable towel rack since we moved to the townhouse. Our tiny bathroom gets pretty humid, and towels remain damp if we hang them inside the loo. So we hang them on clothes hangers and leave them by the hallway window to dry. This will definitely help in better presentation. LOL!

TriPro Feline Formula Cat Food, 20LBS.
Cat Food can get pretty expensive. This one's great as it is suitable for both Kittens and Adults. My brother's fiancee breeds Persians, and she can attest to this being a great, great buy!

Multipurpose Folding Tables; in Purple and Green.
SALE PRICE: P379.95 each
These were impulsive buys. Eeps. I must admit that in spite of having a list, I did not strictly abide by it. I saw these and knew I had to get these. I have a bigger version of this in wenge (from last year's Members' Treat). These are smaller, handy versions that can be used in the bedroom. These also make great exchange gifts and raffle prizes!

Frosted and Shiny Christmas Balls. 14 pcs in Box.
SALE PRICE: P399.95/ box
I actually sell Christmas decor, but these ornaments are cute! Pretty cheap too - at about P29.00 per ball. I always add something new to our Christmas things, and this one's my 2012 addition. Aside from these, S&R also has the 50-pc multi-pack of plain Christmas balls (in assorted colors), selling for P699.95 - a great deal!

Multi-colored BPA Free 12oz Rove Tumblers!
BUY 1 TAKE 1: P169.95
These tumblers make perfect Christmas gifts for A's classmates. But my A was quick to protest, "Tumblers again!?" LOL. So giving these to other kids instead. Cheap but nice!

Air Wick Room Spray.
Buy 1 Take 1: P99.95
I used to think these were pretty cheap at its regular price. Why, at P50.00 a can, these are incredibly cheap! I must warn you though. Some S&R stores would say you would have to get two of the same variant. So make sure you ask first if it's ok to get different kinds to make a set. I got two of each kind though.

Mr. Clean Febreze All-Purpose Odor and Cleaning Spray.
This is cheaper this time! It makes a good Pet Odor Spray. We use it on floors to clean up Mickey's mess. Hehe. Smells pretty good, too.

And of course, I got the usual...

Renuzit Aroma Air Freshener.
SALE PRICE: P54.95 each
Herr's Cheese Curls, 12oz.
Dole Mixed Fruit Cups, 16 x 4oz Cups
There were other things in my cart, but I didn't bother taking photos anymore. Hehe. Just the usual, as follows:

| Prem Lite Luncheon Meat, 340g - SALE PRICE: P79.95
| Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, 2x20oz pack - SALE PRICE: P899.95
| Crest Kids Toothpaste, 4oz - SALE PRICE: P89.95
| Combos Crackers, 13oz - SALE PRICE: P149.95 
| Nutella, 750g - SALE PRICE: P269.95
| Heinz Ketchup, 44oz - SALE PRICE: P129.95
| Trojan Trash Bag, XL 20s - SALE PRICE: P69.95 
| Garnier Color Shield Shampoo, 25.4oz - SALE PRICE: P299.95
| Garnier Color Shield Conditioner, 25.4oz - SALE PRICE: P299.95
| Onwards Kitchen Paper Towel, 8 rolls - SALE PRICE: P249.95
| Bath Mat - BUY 1 TAKE 1: P299.95
| Lifetime 4' Residential Folding Table - SALE PRICE: P1,199.95
| Zip All-purpose Cleaner, 1.8L - SALE PRICE: P119.95
| BioZip Colour Laundry Detergent, 4kg - SALE PRICE: P249.95

Overall, the trip to S&R's Members' Treat was well worth it. I still think falling in line at 5 in the morning was worth my sacrifice - if only because I got those bins and tumblers. The tumblers sold out on the first day, according to the merchandisers at S&R Congressional. There were no stocks left by the 3rd day, so I assumed someone either purchased in bulk or they had limited stock. They were soooo cheap!

Let me say it again, I live for these things. And honestly, I'd do it all over again next year! Yes, even if it means falling in line at 3am, just so I'd be first in line.

See you there, fellow shopaholics! 


  1. You're right. They do sell different items for each S&R branch. I went to S&R Alabang on the last day of the sale and only found good buys for toiletries (I saw the Elmo shampoo too but I thought Suave detangler shampoo was a better buy). Next year, I'll try to visit BGC's branch as that is the nearest one in the south.

    I should have blogged about what I got too so people can also add that as reference... but alas, my daughters destroyed the chocolates in one sitting.

    Cheers! I love your blog. :)

    Rose of Grown-Ups For A Day!

  2. Great buys! :) I wanna ask about TriPro feline formula, is it good? Did you check out where it's imported from? I saw it here at S&R Davao too but I'm not yet decided to feed it to my kitty (he's currently on a Japanese brand catfood) because I can't seem to find reviews about it. :) Thank you and more power to your blog! <3


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