Friday, September 7, 2012

RL Funnies: Practice!

My mom wants RL to start preschool this year. She's bringing him to A's school next week - for assessment to see if he can try preschool for the second semester.

Because of this, I've had to practice drilling him with Qs. Last night, while giving him a bath, I drilled him some more...

K: "What's your name?"
RL: (Shrugs) 
He's been having a hard time pronouncing the Rs and Ls. So he stops himself from saying his own name because we used to laugh a lot at his pronunciation. Oops! 

After a few times of helping him out, he finally gets it right. So we move to parents' names.

K: "What's your dad's name?"
RL: (Shrugs) "I don't know."
Ok, that may be an acceptable answer, don't you think? (Guffaw!)

K: "What about mom's name? What's my name?"
RL: (Confidently) "Kaye!"
K: "Can you spell my name?"
RL: "It's on your ID! You go check!"

Hahaha! My little boy is NOT ready for school. Nyar.

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