Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy, Crazy S&R Sale!

S&R is having it's semi-annual SALE and it is C-R-A-Z-Y! I have been planning for this day since I last overspent at their store and saw the announcements. My friend M calls it the "deadly sale" since your wallet is sure to die. Yes, I was prepared for my wallet's demise. My plastics were ready to burn.

A and I strategized. We were coded that day (S&R Member's Treat - Great, crazy deals, March 16-20, 2011; 8am-9pm) so we planned to wake up before dawn on Wednesday to get our butts to S&R Congressional before 7am. We pulled through the gates at 620am and saw that the parking lot was half full of cars already! Yes, people were there early! The line at the entrance was a kilometer long. People were already bickering. And the guards were already stressed when we got in line.

The line at 630am. People were at S&R Congressional as early as 5am! Crazy!

The surprise was -- they opened their doors before 730am, and we were in the store about 15 minutes later (yes, that was how far we were from the start of the line). Each card holder was given a cart pass. You can get 3 carts per pass.

The store was almost full when we were there. Apparently, they weren't letting people without carts in. Yet, they had a lot of carts, so much so it was hard to traverse around the cart-filled aisles. Took us about an hour or so to get what we wanted. We were in line for the cashiers by 9am.

The lines (at around 10am) snaked all the way down to after the freezers. I was told it even reached the end where the cleaning aids were. Crazy!

RL was getting bored. I had no nanny, so I had to try every trick up my sleeve to get him to sit quietly in one of the carts. I had about 3 close-to-heart-attack episodes that morning when he got out of sight! We finished a bar of Mint KitKat, a whole box of Willy Wonka Nerds and 2 bottles of milk. Good thing I had my iTouch handy, that kept him entertained for a good hour or so.

Silly RL with my iTouch. Thank goodness for the Word World 99cent full app! So near, yet so far still from the cashiers.

Apparently, if you stayed towards the left side of the store, you will breeze through payment about 70% less the time we spent in line in the middle aisles. Well so much for knowing that tip after spending the whole morning waiting to pay for our loot.

I overheard a Caucasian and his Filipina friend talking while waiting to pay. And he exclaimed how Filipinos tend to overspend. The scenario was nothing less than panic-buying.

I must also say, there were a lot of rude shoppers at S&R Congressional that morning. Early on, when A and I were trying to wheel our carts around the store, a lady in her 50s bumped our cart with hers. I asked her politely if she could make way for A's cart, and she looked at her cart and angrily answered "e nandito na to, aatras pa ako?" I motioned towards A and said, "Pasensya na ho, bata po kasi kasama ko, baka mawala." She didn't even look at A. She went back to texting yet retorted with a "bata pala kasama mo, e kung ayaw mong mawala, dapat iniwan mo nalang!" It was a good thing I was with my kids, I mustered every ounce of self-control and asked for grace. I wanted to say a lot of things. Wanted to say "God bless you" but didn't think it was right to say that in a sarcastic way when I wanted her to fall off the earth (joke lang to ha, figure of speech). :P Nyar. Why are some people just so rude???!

So I hurriedly pulled A's cart into our lane, and left the old, rude lady to her nonsense. She must be one unhappy lady. Hmph!

The scenario at the sale was crazy! People were killing (figure of speech again, excuse me po) each other for Corelle dining sets (P3,499.95; Buy 1, Take 1). Who needs more than one or two sets? People piled up to 2 dozens on their carts! I saw three ladies fighting, over where the line was for Lifetime tables. Geez. Crazy! Crazy!

Almost there!

We finally got ourselves out of the place by noon. By that time, there was a long, long, LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG line of people outside the store, waiting to get in. People were stalking customers for their push carts. I had two customers escort us to where our car was parked, just so they can each get a cart. They even helped me load my stuff in! Cool!

A lot of good buys at this S&R sale, although I was looking forward to getting another sorting laundry basket (not on sale at P499.95/pc; EDIT: T'was actually on sale pala! Was able to get one at the Fort branch for P349.95). We went home with a dead wallet and tons of stuff I really don't need (oops!). Ok, ok, I need them. I am justifying each purchase, because really, I am a smart shopper, and not the shopping monster I've been labeled to be over at the Hong Kong thread on PEx. LOL!

Here are some of my S&R loot.

Plastic Toy Shelves for RL's room - got the Large (P2,299.95), Medium (P1,199.95) and Small (P899.95). Realized on my second trip back that the Medium was available in black (cheaper at P599.95!), so I got one too for the kitchen.

High Velocity Fan - 95 watts, P1,499.95

Folding Table - P999.95

Coleman Party Stacker Cooler - P1,099.95, now I can donate my old, foldable cooler to the office. Yea, summer is here!

I've always wanted to try replacing a meal with diet shakes. These were on sale at 44.95 a can.

You can't have too many liners - Kotex 135ct unscented, P149.95

These are really, really good. If you've tried Golden Oreos before, this is a must-try. Better than the regular Oreo Funstix! P84.95 a box.

My kids and I love the Farley's Gummi Bear brand. Better than Trolli (which has an acidic after-smell similar to, excuse me, uh... puke). P169.95 a tub (these are $5.99 at Duty Free).

Some Hershey's chocolate packs were on sale. We got A's teacher a pack of her favorite Milk Chocolate Kisses which were on sale with a P150.00 discount! The Miniatures were also on sale. Same discount.

Hershey's Kisses, 550g bag, P249.95

My brother asked me to get him these set of LED flashlights. When I went to get them off the rack, the sign said these were P1,000 off from the original P2,499.95 price. I was ready to pay P1,499.95 for these. But alas, when the cashier rang this up, they were P699.95!

I went to get myself a set the next day. Life Gear Glow lights - P699.95 a set

I also got 2 sets of Roman Shades, 48"W on sale at P1,499.95 Buy 1, Take 1. And the 23"W at P999.95 Buy 1, Take 1. Lots of cleaning stuff and food. Of course, we got a huge tub of deadly Nutella, too!

My friend MC is meeting me at the Fort store in a few minutes. So yea, 3rd time at the sale should be a charm.

S&R Member's Treat is ongoing 'til Sunday. Hurry, you still have tonight and tomorrow left. Warning: Leave your credit card at home. LOL!

Check out S&R's website here. And add them on Facebook here.


  1. ang cute ng anak mo kaye! Im a fan of ur blog and reading ur blogs feel ko close na tayo and you are my friend! ganyan na ganyan ang ugali ko sayo! sadly i am an OFW working in middle east as FA. I am a christian too! Am so lucky, am here in the middle east in a place where there is a freedom of religion! I am blessed to found a church even when i am far away from home. I enjoy reading your blog! hope we can be friends! i can gladly give me u my email if u want to! i dont have a blog account though, but you can find me elsewhere ;)

    and be patient lang sa mga rude people, christian dont get easily offended but an easy target, but i know we are only humans :)

    God bless you and your family!


  2. S&R sales are always like this, so why even bother to go through all that stress and hassle? and drag your kid there too?
    ever since i experienced the very first ever S&R sale for members i only walked out with a few purchases and knew it wasn't worth my while. never again.

  3. excuse me, Anonymous#2, did you sense stress and hassle in my post or anything to that effect (except for the rude lady part)? if you are a regular reader of my blog, then you should know i take my kids with me everywhere, because...

    1) i am a single parent (not by choice, but thank you, anyway).
    2) my nanny has been sick for over a month now.
    and 3) i have no other helper.

    no one is trying to convince you to go to S&R, you don't have to go shop if you don't want to. i wrote about my experience this time, but this isn't my first S&R go-see during Member's Treat, and i meant crazy in a good way.

    thank you for your comment, but if you have nothing nice to say, especially when it comes to what i do with my kids, i would rather that you not comment and ruin my good day.

  4. it's unfortunate that you are a single parent, it's admirable in fact, but after your almost heart attack because your kid disappeared from sight for a while, and your other kid having to maneuver a big S&R cart through a throng of people which must've been difficult, why subject your children to that? that would be stress and hassle for me. these are what caught my attention in your entry.
    a blogger should be open and prepared to receive negative comments as well, not only positive ones. other bloggers even get worse comments than this. just stating my opinions too dear. Anonymous#2

  5. I appreciate your concern, thank you. My daughter is almost as tall as I am, and her shoe size is even bigger than mine. So no, it wasn't at all difficult for her to maneuver the huge S&R cart.

    My kids enjoy activities such as this, because prior to February, I was working full time and had no time to bring them anywhere.

    Now I still work full time but have to bring them with me wherever I go. But you'd know all that if you regularly read.

    Opinions are most welcome, but if you don't know for sure, it's best to read up first. ;)

    By the way, if you read back, you will learn that I do not find it unfortunate that I am now a single parent.

    Also. Almost-Heart-Attack episode = figure of speech. Thanks! :)

  6. Hello R! Sure, you may email me anytime. nappycakes at gmail dot com

    Nakakahiya. :( Natamaan ako sa sinabi mo. Pasensya na. May mga extra grace required talaga. Kekeke.

  7. Well, I am not a single parent. But I have no maids and when my kids were little I had to bring them in the supermarkets...all the places I went to I had a baby, a 2 yr ols and 5 yr old. Easy enough for everyone who have yayas and nannyies to say "iwan mo na yan." Sa totoo lang, our kids are the ones who are gonna grow up independent, patient and hindi takot sa mundo. The kids who are sheltered at home...para hindi "hassle" sa mga ba't pa kayo nag anak? Im just sayin...u guys are missin out because masayang kasama ang mga bata. and obviously that happens, sometimes u turn your back a sec and minsan they'll walk away. ke supermarket, ke costco, ke happens!!!

  8. i'm so inggit. i've never been to an S&R sale. i tried going there but when i saw the parking lot and the long line outside, sabi ko next time na lang.

    the technique daw there is to go early and have someone else do the lining up while you shop. coz it'll only take you an hour to do the grocery but waiting for your turn at the cashier takes forever.

    the problem is, like you, i don't have a yaya and that part is by choice. I've been "help-less" for 6 years now.

    glad i discovered your blog.

  9. hey kay!

    long time no speak. it's been ages since my last nappycake order--circa sp egroup days pa! anyhoo, glad to be able to bump into you again even under the most unusual circumstance--via the fashionpulis blog. hehe!

    anyhoo, just thought i'd say hi!

    take care!

  10. hi. bilib nga ako sa iyo that you are able to bring a toddler when you go to work or go shopping and actually get work/shopping done. that takes skills and a lot of patience. so kudos to you. stay safe.

  11. "The kids who are sheltered at home...para hindi "hassle" sa mga ba't pa kayo nag anak?"
    did i say that children are a hassle? it's more of why subject the children to all that and adding on to the overall situation's stress and hassle? kaye explains it wasn't that at all for her so i admire her for that, at siya yon, she can handle it, ang galing nga eh. she can do all that without feeling stressed but i would & did before, so ayoko na. this is the issue here and not that i consider them "hassle" so why have them in the first place at iniiwan nalang sa yaya all the time we are out. masaya talagang kasama ang mga bata at bitbit namin pag labas, at kung out of town or out of the country for family bonding walang kasamang yaya o katulong. Kaya naming gawin yon dahil hindi sila maka-yaya. Anonymous#2

  12. Trix, I know! I may not be the perfect mom, but heck, I think when it comes to my kids, their well-being is priority. After all that they've gone through, diba? Sana naman nagbasa muna. But I understand the initial reactions. Hey, blog some more!

    Cherry, I hardly ever go to their sale before because the first time they had it, I checked it out and had nothing much to buy (small family, ako lang ata kakain, haha). But now that we've moved to a new place, I needed shelves, etc. and S&R was the best place to go. Buti nalang may sale. I went to the one they had last September and this month's sale was way better. :) Yes, yun nga technique. Bring someone to line up for you. Kaso I have no other someone. Nung September, I had my nanny line up while we shopped. I dunno, I have so much patience with long lines (ex Crocs sale, Richwell sale, etc). I keep my cool while everyone's stressing and heating up. I suppose I get an adrenaline rush with crazy sales. Hahaha! I checked out your blog as well, bytheway! :)

    Monet! Isdatchu? Didn't know you blogged as well! I checked them out and figured it was you with your photos! Haha, kaloka ba ang blind items? LOL! You on twitter?

    The Prettiest, it's a blessing to be able to take my son to work. But he's a good little boy and behaves well. I think of it as practice. We go on yearly (sometimes more) trips out of the country and I suppose I have mastered the art of being the only adult with young kids. Hehe.

  13. Oops, Anonymous #2, easy lang. Different readers would read your comment and understand it differently. As you've put it yesterday, we all have different opinions. :)

    Besides I don't think the hassle comment was for you. Work In Progress was just saying.


  14. oh yes kaye i think the "hassle" comment was meant for me kasi ako lang ang gumamit ng word eh! but that's okay :D
    but i know...i am a mom that has to bring my kids along because i cannot always leave them with my parents can I? at major production rin yon when i do! scared to leave them alone with yaya & my helps lang. 3 sila kasi and i refuse to have more than one yaya kasi i also take care of them...bakit pa ako nagka anak nga naman, di ba? ;)
    so just to understand me, kaya lang i freak out with situations like these, mega sales & all...nawala rin my kid before so never again!! so sorry for my rant yesterday and kanina. peace♥ Anonymous#2

  15. hello kaye.
    just found time to read your blog. very nice.
    never been to S&R to do my shopping before. not married and don't have kids, so i don't know what the "hassle" is all about, lol. for me, i think, it was one way of bonding with your kids. reading your blog now, makes me think of all the fun times i had shopping and going out with my mom. i miss her terribly, i have no shopping partner on my sundays anymore ( my mom migrated to the states last yr). so proud and love you,that you spend time and cherish every moment you had with them. i know it's kinda hard not having anyone around to help you. besides, i think A had fun going through those ailes with you. btw, loved your great find, especially the weight loss product (would love to try that too), hehehehe.
    take care my dear. looking forward to reading your blogs.

  16. lolz. interesting and amusing comments. each has a point re the kids. like kaye said, different strokes.... applause for the others but putting myself in one's shoes, i think i'd go bonkers while simultaneously maneuvering the congested aisles, perusing the shelves and keeping an eye out on 2 or 3 malikot kids with their "can i have that one, mom?" tapos ang daming tao and ang init pa. iwanan ko na lang sila sa bahay lolz

  17. yes it is moi!!!

    been blogging since '08. i have twitter too (gossipgehl). am off twitter for now as a sacrifice for lent, but this seems to have been offset by my addiction to fashionpulis--kasama na mga contributions mo. LOL

    you go girl!

  18. I'll follow you!

    Haha, I have ZERO contributions no. But I love fashionPULIS. Daily read. Addicting no? Hehehe. I have no net connection at home so I have to wait 'til 10 or after to see the comments and read clues, at least I get to sleep now. Hahaha!

  19. Natawa naman ako dun sa "Filipinos tend to overspend" na comment. Parang gusto ko sabihan yung ng, "Look who's talking?!" Sila kaya yung halos mag-riot pag Black Friday sales and such to buy things they don't really need.

    As for the multiple-Corelle buyers, baka yung iba pang-regalo heheh. At ano lasa nung meal replacement shake? Oks ba? At parang gusto ko na rin bumili ng folding table heheh.

  20. Hahaha! Korek! Riot pag SALE sa US. Sabagay, minsan lang din kasi ang bagsak presyo kaya panic-buying.

    Ok lang yung shake, super rich, mga 2 lang ata nainom ko. Hehe. This was last March pa ha. The sale this month will have new items, although I'm sure kasali pa din ang best-sellers na ZIP laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, etc.


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