Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer's Here!

School's out and my daughter's already bored.

It is different when you're older. Time seems to dash like marathons and before you know it, the school year's over. A loves school. She dreads being absent. She also dreads summer vacation. If she had her way, she'd want to be in school everyday. Yes, baliktad ang mundo para sa batang ito.

On the other hand, I am breathing a sigh of relief because I can now say goodbye to lunch prep and tutoring 'til the wee hours of the morning, well... only for a while. She's moving to a big school come June, and we're psyching ourselves silly for the early morning drive to school (her class used to start at 12noon so imagine waking up at 5am for your 640am class!).

So today, A is in the office with RL and me. "I have nothing to do", she says. That, inspite of the fact that she brought her thick Brain Quest workbook and melodica with her.

I'm racking my brains for summer activities. Something to keep her busy 'til at least next month. Art lessons, music lessons, you name it, she's done it. Well maybe not ballet or gymnastics, but that isn't really her thing. Why didn't I send her to Reading Dynamincs when we used to live on top of it? Argh!

I asked her for her summer wish list, and so far, here's what she wants to do:

1. Manila Ocean Park (scored tickets at half the price, so yeah...)
2. Active Fun (coupon deal from Metrodeal)
3. Fishing
4. Garage Sale (fancy she'd say this, LOL)
5. Fix room (see, iba talaga tong batang 'to)


Been missing out on posts of Bento lunches. Here are some from the last few days of school.

Hotdog crab and friends. (FAIL on the octopus and squid. Hehe)

RL's and my lunch. Hotdog bits, Hello Kitty Hard-Boiled egg and Salted Egg Mix.

Meatballs and Cherry Tomatoes.

RL's and mine. With arugula salad.


  1. how about a cooking class? my daughter expressed an interest in this, being a foodie i guess! :D but what i really want for her which she is also interested in, is a creative writing workshop. something that will come in handy for school as well. aside from being a voracious reader, she is also a voracious writer. this one has blogger potential. hope you find A stuff to do because mine has boredom spurting out of every orifice of her body already!! aarrgghh!!! :D

  2. oh wowww! I wont let Bianca see your bento lunch boxes. she'll ask the same thing. ang galing mo sis, mag conduct ka ng classes over youtube :)



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