Friday, March 4, 2011

More ImBento.

Ok, I am running out of ideas. That, plus my Bento stuff is all stored in some box somewhere in the attic. So with what little Bento tools I have, I can only create much. Yea, yea, excuses.

What got me into Bento anyway? I would say my greatest influence would be Flicker accounts of Bento love. LOL! And JanDi of Boys Over Flowers. Hahaha! And multiple trips back to the homeland where Daiso stores abound (this was before Saizen happened in the Philippines).

Two years ago, I started making A (and myself) Bento lunch. Then the old nanny took it upon herself to make us lunch and Bento became a thing of our past. But sometimes, I get the itch to make one or tryout an idea, and voila, more imBento.

Yesterday, I made A an egg sandwich Bento. I was supposed to make her Hello Kitty hard-boiled eggs, but man, the XL eggs at Shopwise are puny! I need to go find extra-extra large eggs to get those to work with the mold. So I ended up making her an egg salad.

A doesn't like her eggs this way, so I ate leftovers when she got to the office after school. LOL!

Today, after getting a small dose of Bento pics on google, I made her this.

A loves Pancit Canton with rice. Was initially gonna make Rice with Squid Ball "hair" but A didn't like the idea (squid balls were too spicy) so I went with plan B.

Yes, Bento is love. I shall scour the boxes in the attic and make decent ones next week. I hope.

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