Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Temper

Was on my way to the office this morning, when, upon reaching the other end of the EDSA-Quezon Avenue underpass, we noticed traffic snailing its way towards the 1st U-turn slot.

A and I were wondering what the hold up could be, so I decided to roll down my window to check it out. Apparently, there was a stalled truck on the opposite lane, which held up traffic making its way through the U-turn slot. I was discussing this with A, explaining that the reason the traffic was going slow was because the truck took up almost 2 lanes and was creating a bottleneck, when to my surprise, the MMDA guy manning the traffic on the truck's side yelled my way "SIRA!!! (pointing to the truck) HUWAG KANG KO-COMMENT KUNG HINDI MO ALAM YUNG PINAGSASABI MO!"

I was with the 2 kids. Obviously, I wasn't there to pick a fight. And I wasn't even commenting on the MMDA guy! Heck, I didn't even see him until he yelled! I was gonna let it pass, when he looked my way again, this time with an angry look. A was getting scared. We weren't even doing anything. So I rolled down my window again and said "Bakit Kuya, may comment ba ako?" And mind you, I had to yell this out loud, because he was soooooo far away, he'd have to own super ears to hear any conversation A and I were having about the stalled truck (that is, if we were even talking about the MMDA guy). To my retort, he gave me a "meaner" look. It was like that for the next 3 minutes or so. I tried taking a picture of the guy when he wasn't looking.

See how far that MMDA guy was from me?!! Goodness! Clark Kent, isdatchu?

I then see him call to another MMDA guy near him, points to my direction, shakes his head, looks at me angry again, points again, and so on...

When I finally made the U-turn, he sees my car and gives me another sneer. It was at that instant I decided I wasn't gonna let this pass anymore. I took out my mobile phone again and snapped a photo of the mean MMDA guy with the bad, bad temper.

I checked out his name tag and on it had the surname ALFREDO (or ALFONSO, I couldn't quite make it out because I was too chicken to get near, lest he grabs my mobile phone through the car window). However, I made sure he saw me snap a pic.

See, Kuya? Pasalamat ka, I have a cheap phone cam. :P

Yes, he is quite lucky I have a cheap phone camera. He is short and balding. Approximately 40-something. And needs a woman in his life.

Manong, I wasn't talking to you. I was explaining the traffic situation to my 2nd-grader. Praning ka lang. Next time, take a cold shower first or make sure you get to do number 2. Masyadong mainit ulo niyo.

MMDA should not only advise their personnel to exercise enough to get their guts flat, they should teach them to respect the citizens they serve. And yes, Manong, it pays to serve others with a smile.

Ok, ok, you probably got out on the wrong side of bed, but still, you were so mean, you scared my little girl. So this is my kind way to remind you, you were out of line. God bless you!

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