Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Lazy Saturdays...

..are back! The nanny decided to come back Thursday morning. Yes, just in time for that re-piping job at home (yes, re-piping again, because we found another leak, and yes, after using up my 13th month pay on a previous re-piping job over the Christmas Holidays - nyar).

I promised myself I would sleep in today, but the knocking and banging woke me up at 830am. So I ended up flick fishing on the iTouch, and whiled away the morning in bed.

What got me out of bed? The iTouch going low-batt. LOL.

Seriously, this app is sooooooooo addicting. Perfect for the lazy me! My family loves going fishing. My best memories of my growing-up years involve fishing trips! Which reminds me, A has been bugging me to take her fishing. And yea, I think it is high-time we introduce RL to this lazy hobby. :) So I'm planning a trip to Cavite or Bulacan. Depends if the nanny stays this time. But yey!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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