Thursday, March 24, 2011

RANT: Globe is Dead.

Yes. My phone line at home is still dead. As it is with my broadband service. But what ticks me more is this: I've called Globe half a dozen times since Sunday, have gotten 2 Job Orders for onsite visits and yet, they cancelled and I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN.

The last Job Order for onsite technician visit was scheduled for Wednesday before 12noon. I took a leave from work just so I can meet them at home. But I received a call from Customer Care Tuesday evening, telling me that they were upgrading the system in our area and the tech people will not be visiting the next day.

Funny thing is, this wasn't the first time they cancelled this week. When I called the Globe Customer Care Hotline Sunday morning, I was told that the onsite visit was scheduled for the next day, Monday. At around 4pm that same day, right before church service, I received a call from Globe telling me that their tech team won't be visiting because apparently, the problem had to do with a system upgrade. They told me to expect a follow-on call the next day for updates. True enough, the next morning, Globe tried to call. But I was in the middle of my bath and didn't get to answer. I called to verify the call and the girl I spoke to (name withheld) literally read her spiel online when trying to give me a good explanation.

"Binasa mo lang yan, teh e."

"Ay, opo. Kasi yun po sagot sa concern niyo e."

Wow. I was hoping for something that made more sense. That afternoon, I received a text message from Globe telling me that the system has been restored. But when I got home, nada.

So I called again. Scheduled for another onsite visit for Wednesday as I was going to take a leave (coding day). Got another Job Order, and voila! The next day, they called to cancel once more.

I asked Ruby (the girl who called Tuesday afternoon to cancel the Wednesday morning visit), "But didn't you guys send me a text to let me know it was ok already? How long does it take for you to figure out what the problem is? Pasalamat sila I have no nanny at home. Or I'd go crazy knowing the kids are at home with no phone access.

Of course she couldn't give me an answer. I got half an assurance they'd call to give me feedback. It's Thursday today, and I haven't heard from Globe. I don't want to call them anymore because each time I call, I have to call again to report the landline or broadband, because apparently, they aren't connected and they can't transfer to another department. Makes you wonder if there really is some system upgrade going on or maybe these people just don't have enough tech people to send out.

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