Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

First off, I am not a housewife. I would LOVE to be, but I am not one. Lucky me, I have to work full-time because I have no one else I can depend on to raise my kids with me. Why? Well because I have been blessed by this season of single parenthood. Yes, blessed.

Second, I have never mentioned any of R's girls by name, be it first, second or last (initials, yes, to get their attention as they stumble upon this blog while googling for R, and only to let them know that I KNOW about them). Neither have I ever described their circumstances on this blog. My intentions to ever blog about them was one of the reasons this blog was revived in the first place. I started blogging about R to warn the girls that he was taken. But then later shifted to talk about my stand on staying married. If circumstances (I would never reveal her name) surrounding a girl's identity leaked out, then it is because I commented on another blog -- because that other blog's post hit so close to home (thank goodness that post with my comment is now down). BUT not because I wanted to seek revenge on that person.

Third, I have been hurt by the circumstances surrounding R's affair with this one woman, but I chose not to confront her nor expose her secret affair, even when I was feeling so vindictive and scorned. And yes, even it was so hard to comprehend, let alone swallow, because the truth was: I kinda liked her (her son would call up my daughter pa!). But no, we were never (NEVER!) friends. We were never introduced. The most I ever gave her was a smile.

And finally (this will be the last time I will talk about you or give you space on my blog), I know YOU read my blog, because you told R so. You claimed I even sent you a text and told him I created fake Friendster profiles to destroy his reputation. You know, I have never been accused of something as shallow as that. Why would I do such a thing? Am I the only woman in this world crossed with R's lewd activities? Girl, let me just say, I have long forgiven you. But I will never, never forget.

"If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang." - Charley Reese

PS. While it is true that my kids know about their father's womanizing, it is not mainly because of this blog. R once took our daughter to see one of his women. There are other instances also when it dawned on her that this was the case when she saw pictures of R with someone else while riding in his car. Our daughter will be 9 soon. Kids are not ignorant. Let alone stupid. I think I would be the first one to shield my kids from horror stories about their father. This blog is actually a quest to leave a legacy they will be proud of -- not one of hatred, separation, or divorce.


  1. hindi lang mangaagaw ng asawa, stalker pa. GET A LIFE whoever the hell u are.

  2. tsk, tsk...acting like the guilty party indeed this woman...not worth na talaga your time kaye.


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