Monday, March 21, 2011

The Itch to Blog and My Net Provider

So I was trying to edit my S&R blog post Saturday evening when I got home to dead service. No landline. No broadband. I desperately tried to edit via Mobile, but waaah, my mobile provider's signal sucks in my side of town. I tried calling for technical assistance, but alas, they've cut costs and customer service is no longer 24/7. So I gave up on that and went to bed.

At 3am, I woke up remembering I had a Smart Bro plug-in and a 300-peso card I haven't used! Yes, folks, that was how urgent it was for me to edit my previous post.

What could be more pressing than news on shopping? Ha! I realized while shopping at S&R Fort that I posted the wrong price for those yummy Oreo Funstix! And I wanted to edit to let the whole blogging world know that I also got what I wanted and it was on sale. Nyaha!

(photo credit: Sterilite) These sorting hampers were on sale for P349.95 each!

Sidenote: I spotted Lorna T. shopping at the Fort branch and she wanted my sorting hamper (last piece, sorry po!). She had a personal S&R shopper with her (supervisor) and purchased 4 pallets of stuff! Crazy.

So my net service has been dead since Saturday evening, and I've called my provider 3x since. I've had pretty much bad experience from them. They always tell me that the technical people will come at a certain time only to have me waiting forever for Godot.

Thank goodness for SmartBro, I was able to edit my post. Seriously, all the down time with my other provider is giving me second thoughts about staying loyal. I'm a couple of months away from tie-in expiry and I can't wait to give my loyalty to a better provider.

But hey, why live with the hassle? Now is the best time for me (and you!) to get a new Broadband provider with SmartBro's Broadbandest Blowout! SmartBro's UNLIMITED Broadband Plans go for as low as P999/ month and they're hassle-free. What's more is if you sign up now, you get fabulous freebies - a FREE all-in-one HP printer, FREE Calls & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription, and 1 month FREE broadband subscription! Crazy deal, too, huh?!

This offer is a once-in-a-Supermoon opportunity! Imagine, consistent surf speed and stable signal. Man, this is the broadband service of my blogging dreams!

Seriously, who needs the hassle when SmartBro is quick to the rescue? I am visiting a Smart Wireless Center tomorrow!

SmartBro's Broadbandest (Once-in-a-Supermoon) Blowout Promo is currently ongoing, until June 4, 2011. Choose from Plan 999 or Plan 1995. Visit your nearest Smart Wireless Center or any SmartBro accredited agent to avail of this great and fab deal.

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  1. Go K go! Goodluck girl :)

  2. I also get a lot of down time on Bayan Tel and Globe. We have both and I am going to ask my dad if we can switch to Smart Bro. My friends have been raving about it. And yep like you, my Smart Bro stick never fails.

  3. go go go for better service!!!


  4. Best of luck! Hope you could manage to visit my BLOG HERE.
    Thank you. ^_^

  5. Why not, coconut? Go, and good luck!

  6. i agree that we need a reliable service to do our business online. it's quite a hassle if we can't do what things that need to be done the most.

    hope you could share your thoughts on my blog too...
    good luck! :)

  7. Good Luck to thise..Nice post! Hope you can visit me here as well :) Happy Tuesday! BLOG HERE


  8. I know how it feels to have a bad connection.. remembering the days of the dial up connection? That was terrible! As a blogger, I need reliable and stable internet connection. TV can be out, but internet must always be on!

    Hope you can share your thoughts on my blog too!

  9. Go for it, Kaye! Any time wasted with no service is another blog kept from us. youre an inspiration!!


    I had to call (not once) but twice to get a new Job Order for an onsite visit. I can just imagine the stress just to get these guys to come and fix my connection. Argh!

  11. ANOTHER UPDATE: Right after I posted my update earlier, I got a call from Globe. Apparently (according to Ruby from Customer Care) there is a system upgrade in our area. My Q is: why'd Globe 2327 text me yesterday to let me know that system has been restored kung wala pa?

    Of course she didn't know. So now, I am on official leave tomorrow but the Globe tech guys aren't coming for the onsite visit. So kaka!


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