Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok, Ok, I hear Ya!

Was going for the 9am service at the Fort, but decided to catch church service after watching D9 instead. It's not that I've been slacking with my spiritual life, but I was trying to deal with everything the best way I could, without getting hurt. So I took on the defensive, "protected" myself from pain, put on an "i do not give a damn" stance. And when I thought I was ok, deep down I knew I wasn't. This isn't God's way. I was running away. :P

So today in Church, I was reminded that problems don't get solved when you run away from them. Problems don't get solved when you push them to the limit either. Problems get solved IN GOD'S PERFECT TIMING. Yes, what a conviction today's message was - God's conviction. So sigh. I am pulling down the bitter entries about R. He's been asking... no, pestering me to take down the blog because according to him "nabubuking ang kalokohan niya" and that it isn't my business to tell him what to do. :P Ok, so whatever. But yea, I will leave everything up to God. More people find out about the REAL RC anyway through word-of-mouth and "small world" encounters than by googling for his name.

Just the other day, when discussing R's bruises with my good friend T, she was actually telling me how smart it was to have left this blog online. And that even if those entries were entries of yesteryears, at least they provide answers to all those poor women wondering why R never called back, or why R doesn't tell them where he actually lives, or why R doesn't have a phoneline at home, or why R doesn't introduce them to his sibs and folks, etc. Why they eat all that b*ll up, I have no idea. May naloloko pa din pala in this day and age? I mean, tell me, who doesn't have a phoneline nowadays???

Where was I? Oh yea, two months ago, a common friend went up to one of his "girls" and told her to her face she was dating a married man. So yea, I don't need this blog to show these girls the way.

So Lord, I hear Ya! I'm pruning this blog.

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