Monday, August 24, 2009


The blog is old news. And although I have new stalkers (hi girls!), I have resolved to change the blog. Still contemplating though as I really do not have the time to keep this up and going.

Life is good. God has been gracious. How has it been for all of you? You will not imagine how it has been like for me the past 3 months! Has it been 3 months already? More, I think! But it has been fun, so far. :) The kids are happy. The house is quiet. Peaceful. The baby is growing too fast! We've been traveling here and there. Another trip in a few days.

Truly God is on the side of the righteous. I wouldn't want to get on His bad side. I have been tremendously blessed. I hope and pray you guys will find God's best for you all. Truly, that is the only way you will find happiness in relationships. Blog will be moving (or transforming, haven't quite decided yet). Stay tuned. :)

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